Tales of Maj'Eyal on Android?! Oh yes baby!

My minions,

After lots of mind numbing porting work in the last weeks I can finally show you those two screenshots:


Now this will require much work to update the UI for touch and optimize it so it can run on less than the highest end of highest end and make it so it can save and stuff but .. it works !

You may now consider yourselves teased!

Nice :) looking forward to

Nice :)
looking forward to it!

Oh my (Dark)God

This is just too good... I can consider the rest of my life wast.... er gainfully spent.

good job^_^


great news indeed

Personally I don't own an android device, but I would love it if the touch changes could be filtered back as an option for control in the PC version so I can play on my Windows tablet without needing to fight with tiny buttons and things that I need a keyboard for!

If this ever sees light,

If this ever sees light, it'll be available for PC too edg3 :)


Hopefully I'll be able to run this on my rooted Cyanogenmod Kindle Fire HD 8.9 :D

No idea on the specs of a

No idea on the specs of a kindle fire; it will most likely not work (or very badly) on low hardware :) ToME is a "frelling big game"

Holy shit. Holy shit. HOLY




My LG L5 II is probably low hardware but still, the possibilities!!!!


I have a Android Device but i think it's be better for play on ipad...
Plans for release on ios?

Well tablet play is obviously

Well tablet play is obviously better yes; though android has tablets too ;)
iOS perhaps, once the android one is working well and I get over my hatred for the requirement of havnig a mac to do ios dev


I'd definitely buy an iPad version of ToME if you ported it.

dully noted :)

dully noted :)

I guess that means I'm buying an android tablet

This is what I need for my commute.

Oh yes!

I got an android tablet for Christmas and had no idea what to use it for. This justifies keeping it!


yes, please!

as a newcomer to roguelikes and ToME

Oh heck yes! I've been loving the little bit of ToME I've been able to play. If you need any testing done on a nvidia shield tablet, I will be more than happy to oblige!

Also many thanks for doing android first. About time we get something first lol!

oh man!!

I don't drive, I walk everywhere i go. I'm going to get hit by so many cars after this is released!

This will be outstanding on Android

There's a lack of good roguelikes on Android. There's also a lack of good core games without insane marketing decisions on Android. Great news. Thank you.
PS: Please don't forget sPen support. Shadowrun messed it up and it's a pain.

I want it ._.

There is a lack of good roguelikes on iOS too (at least free ones).

I wonder if there will be two versions of the game (one paid, one free), like the pc version. And how will the right click be simulated (by pressing the screen longer ?)... Will there be the DLCs too ? And a way to zoom too, to help the people playing on phones too instead of only tablets ?

I was going to learn how to program for iOS (before my school teaches me) and how to program in LUA in order to try to make a version for iOS... But I'm really happy to see that you are making one :D

We all hope for your success on making it !
Good luck !

Na a real touch aware UI

Na a real touch aware UI needsto be made or this will feel like so many other mobile ports: bad and unusable ;)

oh hells yeah



I have a android phone now and I would love to get this! Also, you should charge for it, maybe $2-5? Have a free demo version or something. :)


I am wondering if it will be compatible with Kindle (Fire HDX most specifically.)


Yes! YES! Finally!
I am buying a new android phone within 5 months, I wish i could test your game then.
For phones scaling and setting to ASCII would help a lot, however the UI should stay as it is!
Any ETA of beta? :D
I will buy it 100%




I was just thinking about this while playing.. will this android version be able to continue the games you play on pc? =o

Save files are not saved on

Save files are not saved on "the cloud", but if you for instance run the game with a dropbox drive as your "home" drive, and you manage to set up the android version to also look at that dropbox drive, then you should be able to.

So, is this happening?

So, is this happening? If yes, when? I'd love to have more roguelikes to play on my phone, there are only the old ones, depth-less new ones and playing stuff through DOSBox is a pain :(

It is still happening.

Focus is currently on the development of the orc campaign, so it's not happening fast. In the meantime, you might look into finding a way to play Hengband on a phone, it's capable of being played off just a numpad and 1 extra key, so controls wouldn't be as complicated as with more standard roguelikes often are. It's also based on an early version of ToME2 IIRC, making it one of the more sophisticated *bands.

Linux SoC's

Should I expect a working build on Odroid boards that I own? (arm, Opengl ES, SDL2, Linux)

OpenGL ES support via glshim

It won't be necessary to have the game ported to gles on Linux platforms as I've just built the game on Odroid C1 and it seems to be working perfectly using ptitSeb's glshim and SDL2.

I'm going to inquire in the forums about building an SDL version which (at least for now) would be preferable as SDL2 should default to gles and not opengl.

I did try glshim IIRC but it

I did try glshim IIRC but it wasnt perfect.
And the gfx stack do need an update anyway, so if I do it, I should do it well instead of hackishlingly ;)


A good question!
Hopefully the GLES renderer can be kept seperate from any android port so it can work on Raspberry Pi 2.

That would be worth donating towards!

I'm not aware of RPi

I'm not aware of RPi limitations; from a gogole search it seems to support GLES2 no ?
Anyway I'm not quite sure the CPU of a RPi is powerful enough for tome :/

OpenGL ES / glshim rendering

Where did my reply go? It was informative on the subject of the bleeding edge GLES Tome testing. Why would anybody wish to censor it?

Instead of repeating myself, I'll refer anyone interested in making Tome work on arm Linux using glshim to this thread:


Sorry the automatic spam

Sorry the automatic spam filter sometimes is a bit hum .. zealous ;)

Interesting link thanks.

I had given glshim (or something akin to it) a try but I dont remember great results :/
Anyway the porting to GL ES is needed to improve the gfx performance anyway so .. :)

Decent performance even with translation

With the latest batch of commits from ptitSeb glshim has been able to handle a lot more games (possibly even Tome or nobody'd tried it before)

The only "surprise" so far came from the level with a 3d spinning globe, which is being rendered perfectly, and nothing else 2d besides! :)

Android support was added to glshim yesterday.


It would be cool to see this come to iPad. :)
Will there be character ... support? Cross platform characters I mean.
What's the book in that first screenshot?

Far too early to say :) Book

Far too early to say :)

Book is the Abyss Beyond Dreams by Peter Hamilton, very very nice. Part of a saga: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_Saga

Any news?

Any news about ETA? :)

I haev to rewrite the while

I haev to rewrite the while display stack to play nice with modern OpenGL so .. no ;) But I'd still like to do it! (and I do work on it now and then on a separate branch)

Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag

I would totally be willing to pa.... errr... *donate* a couple bucks ($2-$5) to be able to play ToME on android. I know it's an unfortunate amount of work to get it to play nicely with mobile hardware/software, but I think there are a lot of us that would love for this to happen. ToME is one of those games you can pick up for 15 minutes (Or hours if you're not careful...) in some spare time and have a bit of fun, but it's got so much more depth than any mobile games I've seen so far.

I'd buy that for a dollar! (Or ten)

If you ever have a need for a Beta Tester I'd happily help out with my Google Nexus 6P; would even donate for the privelige. I always find myself wanting to play ToME when I can't access my computers D:

Is this still in development?

Is the android port still in the works or have you discontinued it?

Is this still in development?

Is the android port still in the works or have you discontinued it?

Still in the works :) But I'm

Still in the works :)
But I'm trying to do it correctly, so it takes lots of rewriting of lots of stuff so .. yeah, background task, but task nonetheless :)

plz keep keyboard support though.

Can you keep the option of using the standard way of playing for those of us who will most likely still just hook up a keyboard and mouse to the phone or tablet?

And about space concerns >_> I have a 200gb memory card in my phone as long ast can be saved in the memory card's data folder for Maj'Eyal it isn't going to be a problem at least for me.

Ahah sure dont worry no point

Ahah sure dont worry no point in removing support :)

Any progress updates?

Just curious how this is coming along, I've been enjoying games on mobile devices far more than computers lately.