Embers of Rage: Weapon Automaton Tinker

My minions,

Do you know that feeling where you loot a nice shiny flaming sword but can't be bothered to wield it yourself?
That's annoying right?!

Think no more, thanks to Embers of Rage you can fix that with nothing but a simple bit of crafting: the awesome weapon automaton!
Strap this baby to your gloves and fire it up, it will wield your designated weapon to strike pain and dismay (and wonder!) into your foes, for a while!

Available soon in a Tales of Maj'Eyal near you!

or you could just, you know,

or you could just, you know, play a mindslayer or a cursed :) but that might be less cool for some people


this looks great can't wait to see the automaton in action.i hope every class can use this :)

Embers of Rage

Embers of Rage INFO



Usual question DG.

When do i get My Crown of Ice? Seriously, I must know secrets of ice and snow.

this with xorn race mod with

this with xorn race mod with adventurer, with psy slot and reaving combat thrown in... no such thing as over kill


That looks so sick :D get HYPED

Holy cow, its like warjack

Holy cow, its like warjack from Iron Kingdoms!