Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.3.3 aka "Stunt's Whip of Doom" is released!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.3.3 ! See http://te4.org/

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( http://te4.org/donate ) !


Release highlights:

  • A small but important bugfix!

Expanded changelist:

  • Try to fix the gamma issue on some computers
  • Fixed curse of nightmare, for real this time!
  • Buffed curse of nighmare to start triggering at level 4 (as the description was implying)
  • When mousing over a zone change there will be a minimum level indicator in the tooltip

Have fun!

"When mousing over a zone

"When mousing over a zone change there will be a minimum level indicator in the tooltip"

I love you <3


I need to finish my school work for the day, but I'll be playing ToME all night if I have to! Thanks for sticking with the development of the best game EVER! <3 :)

upgrade via git failed.

This is most likely not the right place to report this, (I would do chat but my chat is broken)

I did a:

  1. git stash

For my local directory fixes, since SDL2 installed differently on my box. Then:

  1. git fetch
  2. git checkout master
  3. git pull
  4. git checkout tome-1.3.3
  5. git stash pop

And then confirmed the two local directory fixes had no differences in the new version with git diff's.

Great! I started tome, and everything looked great at first, then I noticed it got froze as 3% of the load, switch over to look at the error log, which said:

Loading entities file from file /data/general/grids/underground.lua
Loading entities file from file /data/zones/dungeon/objects.lua
Loading entities file from file /data/zones/dungeon/traps.lua
Initiated zone Forest with base_level 1
Creating level dungeon 3
C Map size 35:21 :: 735
C Map seens texture: 51 (60x60)
Lua Error: /engine/Map.lua:254: attempt to call method 'setupGridLines' (a nil value)
    At [C]:-1 setupGridLines
    At /engine/Map.lua:254 makeCMap
    At /engine/Map.lua:310 loaded
    At /engine/Map.lua:228 init
    At /engine/class.lua:40 new
    At /engine/Zone.lua:948 newLevel
    At /engine/Zone.lua:898 getLevel
    At /mod/class/Game.lua:392 changeLevel
    At /mod/class/Game.lua:311 newGame
    At /mod/class/Game.lua:130 run
    At /engine/Module.lua:990 instanciate
    At /engine/utils.lua:2207 showMainMenu
    At /engine/init.lua:162 
    At [C]:-1 dofile
    At /loader/init.lua:204 


So, the function 'setupGridLines' was not there at boot time or something. Worse, right before the affected line, the function it was in: 'makeCMap' called several other functions ('setObscure', and 'setShown') defined in parallel to 'setupGridLines' successfully.

I played with a few changes to this section of code but couldn't get the flow to recognize the 'setupGridLines'.

You need to recompile/grab

You need to recompile/grab the binaries from 1.3 :)

Ok tried recompiling

Being a regular command line dweeb, I ran:

  1. premake4 clean
  1. premake4 gmake
  1. make clean
  1. make


So, things looked good, and now I'm back online with the new version and the DLC. Commenting in case any other command line dweebs follow in my footsteps :D

Thanks DG!