Gamers communities are toxic? Not here!

I already said, many times, that I love Tales of Maj'Eyal's community but it keeps on surprising me with niceness and kindness.

Multiple times I have seen people with white names in the ingame chat (white names = people that play the free version) say things like "As soon as I get some money I'll buy this game!" and such; only to see it followed by some other person saying "I can buy it for you!".
Total strangers. Being kind to one an other!

I've had people request that I change my paypal interface to allow them to donate for an other player.

And this is only talking about the money stuff; but each time I'm on I see new people asking for advices and getting them. I see people congratulating one an other for feats of awesomeness. I see people sharing in on the loss of somebody's character.

I look at my players and I see kindness and fun; and that makes me the happiest game designer there can be!
I love you players, please keep on being nice and keep on dying ingame ;)

The best

It's absolutely the reason I donate so much of my time helping the community out. The community of this game is great and it's actually one of the best features. It's the first thing I mention when telling someone about the game, and it's what has kept me here.

It's cause we love you so much!

You put a lot of love and care into this game, and although it may not be hugely successful, it brings out the love and care in the community.

One reason is that it's not competitive.

The NON-pvp aspect of the game and the NON-group shenanigans actually diminish the toxicity in a group by a large.

About being nice....

Any scrap of information about the release of the expansion? A year perhaps or even a month? Any clue?

ya blew it

ya blew it

I Love This Community!

ToME is home to the best community ever! Speaking of a great community, Thanks to all of you who stopped by my twitch stream yesterday, followed, and enjoyed the show!!! :D

I've never been much into

I've never been much into roguelikes, though very much a fan of RPGs, and ToME is IMHO the best roguelike out there. So I thank you for developing this game.

I couldn't agree more with

I couldn't agree more with you all!

towerbooks3192: The only way to hasten the release of Embers of Rage is to bring DG sacrifices in the form of player deaths.


This game pretty much has the best community for any video game I've ever played, by a long stretch. Very surprising a community like this actually exists for a video game. Have to thank darkgod for giving us this gem of a game, and thus this excellent community.

ToME's community is

ToME's community is definitely the best there is. Mature, friendly and helpful.