Embers of Rage released!

My minions,


Today I am proud to announce the immediate availability of Embers of Rage, Tales of Maj'Eyal second expansion which has been so long in the making!

It brings to you a whole new campaign to play (and die) in, steamtech, new classes, new races, crafting, lore, zones, quests, artifacts, .. and more!


This expansion has had much sweat and blood in the making, I hope you'll like it.



Embers of Rage is available from Te4.org, Steam, GOG, and more for 70 voratun coins / 7€.

Go grab it while it's steamy hot! Like right now!


PS: You need to own the game either with donator privileges, Steam, GOG, ... to purchase Embers of Rage, it is after all an expansion :)

This Seems Awesome! But Wait...

I can't wait to play it. However, although I've purchased it for the Voratun Coins, there appears to be a bug in the "Add to Steam" feature, as it is not actually appearing to add it to steam, and the link to do so remains active after I've tried to do so.

I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I am super excited for it.



That's probably because Steam

Steam often updates at 1pm EST. Check back in a half hour and see if it works then.

Same for me. And while I'm

Same for me. And while I'm here thanks DG :)


Still having the issue, and as I stated, it definitely appears to be on te4.org's side.

Just tried adding again on

Just tried adding again on te4 and it worked instantly this time. So anyone still trying, hang in there.

A missing flag on steam's

A missing flag on steam's side, they said it'll be active very soon (it may already be actually)

Thanks for expansion =) I

Thanks for expansion =)
I hope it bring you a lot of new minions and their souls (and money) ^^

Thank you, thank you!

I loved all of you, now it's time to PLAY!

Best way to buy


So, is there a preferred way to buy the expansion ? Like, is it better for Darkgod if I pay on this site, or pay via steam, or via GOG ?


The only thing (I think) I

The only thing (I think) I know about this one, is that GOG and Steam give the same percent to the devs.

Logic tells me that most of the direct donations go directly to DG.

awkward donation amounts

so it seems that i have 60 coins left after purchasing the last expansion, and thus i'd like to donate 1€ to be able to afford this one. is there a way to do this? if no, why not? the practice of having fixed donation amounts that don't add up to a useful amount of coins just feels offputting to me.

Probably due to processing

Probably due to processing fees that Paypal charges


Oops, double posted.

Maybe since there's a 10%

Maybe since there's a 10% discount on Steam and GoG, he'll temporarily put it at 60 coins on here.



(probably not but fingers crossed anyway)

In the same boat

I'd happily donate 2€ top top off my coins, since that's also the per-inventory-slot price.


I would happily donate enough to get the amount of coins I need to trade for the expansion, but 5€ is a bit much for me right now.

Best way to buy

You can get it through several means but DarkGod benefits the most if you get it directly from the site here!

I bought it twice. One on

I bought it twice. One on steam and one on GOG. I love you darkgod! Thank you for the wonderful game you have created.

thank you all

i'm very grateful for Rage. i purchased it right after the release. did some trying out and i love it.

thanks a lot!


why the orcs rise??? WHY?????

WIKI info

Whether the extended description in wiki new classes and their features?

We want more ;p

When are those Possesors coming?


Let the fist pumping while holding saws begin