Embers of Rage 1.0.2 is out!

My minions,


Here comes a small update to Embers of Rage!

The game should auto-update it when you launch it (it may take a few hours more on Steam until all builds are updated).



  • Mechanical Arms triggers on base turn instead of turn
  • Kaltor shop is .. better
  • Steam Generators egos will correctly update the steam regen on stats change (won't affect existing generators)
  • Fixed removing a steam generator with ego after the affecting stat has changed
  • Adventurers start with two injectors and one steam generator in their inventory
  • Walls to the training room in Kaltor's shop are not diggable anymore
  • Both injectors will appear on the hotkeys at birth
  • Pressing the hotkey bound to Double Shot works to confirm both shots now
  • Fixed "No Steam, No Palace. No Palace, No Palace!" to be actually obtainable
  • Added a bunch of npc tiles to the available custom tiles list at birth
  • Tools AAAs will not be empty in tier 2 or 4 zones
  • Fix Yeti proccing Ancestral Healing
  • Monocles and goggles visual customizations work correctly on orc females
  • Learning an antimagic talent from the [redacted] machine will correctly prompt for confirmation
  • Psyshot mindstar projection attack only works if the mindstar is not a psiblade
  • Steam Powered Armour talent does not disables on rest/run anymore
  • Fix a rare error from Mass Repair npc talent
  • Fixed Massive Physique description
  • Going back to the slumbering caves level 1 will not show the fall message
  • Mental Stimulator tinker changed to require only 1 level of Electricity
  • Molten Metal description is more explicit that it requires Furnace sustained
  • Fixed talking to Urthil's shop in the vanilla campaign with a tinker-enabled class while not having finished his quest
  • Fixed Rak'Shor Cunning prodigy to correctly refund half generic points, not prevent injectors/steam generators from working and correctly apply ghoul's speed penalty
  • Endboss will keep teleporting with you when you are grabbed
  • Titan battlesmasher prodigy replace by irresistible sun
  • Crafting artifacts shows the correct material tiers required even if you do not have them
  • Switching tiers on the tinker creation screen correctly changes the item preview
  • Algae in the krimbul water level are correctly considered underwater
  • Killing Aeryn gives the Gates of Morning quest if the player had not gained it yet
  • Killing Mindwall gives the quest for the camp, if the player had not gained it yet
  • Prevent Ak'Gishil from spawning in the lost city until a better fix can be found
  • Botanical Shell correctly procs under the target
  • Emergency Steam Purge only counts steam up to 100; to prevent stupidly powerful randbosses
  • Nerfed Dead Hide and Lifeless Rush
  • Prevents the ritches digs in gaets of morning from deleting stairs
  • Increased Stargazers max life a little
  • Limit max To The Arms power (for bosses mostly)
  • Increased To The Arms cooldown a little
  • Molten Point is now an "other" effect
  • Reduced To The Arms damage reduction a little
  • Nerf Punishment a bit, peaks around 250% now with heavy investment
  • Add cost to Furnace Vent
  • Fix Crystal Plating not having willpower
  • Reduced a little Tempest of Metal max doge
  • Reduced max damage cap on Grinding Shield
  • Fixed Pain Enhancement System to correctly require the achievement on the current char
  • Subcutaneous Metallisation effect reduced to "only" 100% of constitution and a 10 turns cooldown
  • Reduced Sawwheel drain a little
  • Battlefield Veteran efect for Sawwheel changed to increase the AOE attack damage
  • Grinding Shield cooldown upped a little
  • Tempest of Metal procs on attack instead of movement, a bit longer cooldown
  • Sawwheels does not damage when passing by (but still knocks back) but instead deals a big AOE attack on cancel/breaking, bit longer cooldown
  • Pain Enhancement System can only be active 6 turns out of 10 and does not affect strength
  • Pain Enhancement System only activates if it is not yet active (meaning no more super uber stacking)


Have fun in Eyal!

Psiblades =(

"Psyshot mindstar projection attack only works if the mindstar is not a psiblade"

Now psyshot looks even more pale in comparison with SaawbutchingMachineOfDeath(

new prodigy?

"Titan battlesmasher prodigy replace by irresistible sun"
I just checked, irresistible sun is still there as a prodigy. There is no Titan Battlesmasher.

I'm pretty sure he means the

I'm pretty sure he means the titan battlesmasher NPC is using the irresistable sun prodigy now.

The worst nerf (typo)

"Reduced a little Tempest of Metal max doge"

Very sad. Much disappoint. Wow.