Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6 BETA2 is up for grabs!

My minions,

Version 1.6beta1 went rather well for a first beta with surprisingly few explody-parts but still, beta2 is here to fix them (and more)!
You'll find all the downloads on https://te4.org/beta-test

Please, try to keep all bug reportings on ToME's official forums at http://forums.te4.org/ as it is hardly feasible for me to survey 10 different location for bugs.

The current DLCs will still work in 1.6 so you can test with those but they will each get a small update at the same time as the final 1.6 release to update how they process melee talents to be inline with the new 1.6 way.

Please only use official addons/DLCs when testing.

Changelog from beta1:

  • Fixed running on Linux's new Steam client
  • Swift Shot and Bull Shot only lower cooldown when actually moving
  • Repulsion only works on foes
  • Dreadfell bosses & Shade of Telos cant roll wilders
  • Fixed message upon gaining a prodigy at lvl 42
  • Characters that know Antimagic can enter Zigur, no matter the rest of the conditions
  • Reverted saves changes
  • Fix The Fragmented Essence of Harkor'Zun
  • Fixed Gates of Morning heavy armor shop
  • Fixed imbued staff ego
  • Fixed Daunting Presence gfx
  • Greatly simplified Creeping Darkness code, it now simply blocks sight for all unless they have Dark Vision
  • Running ignores glyphs
  • Simplified (and likely fixed) Whirlwind code
  • Fix confusing dialog when you don't give the mage apprentice an item.
  • Some more safeties/sanity checks against old addons
  • Fix a bug with Blach Mesh
  • Fix some infinite recursions
  • Fixed a bug with pathing
  • Fixed ego ammo bugs
  • Fixed temporal hounds on level change
  • Fixed Obliterator
  • Fixed error on some item on_melee_hit effects
  • Better auto-error reporting
  • Fix Fearscape error
  • Add core.display.breakTextAllCharacter method to force text lines splitting to happen on any characters (useful for asian languages)
  • Fix confusing dialog when you don't give the mage apprentice an item.
  • Fixed Sharpen Display option
  • Many other misc fixes
  • Fixed Steam microtransactions code. If you attempted to test it and it failed, please retry now (note as long as you do not get a success message you've not been billed anyway)

Now go test it out my minions!

This means Drem Oozemancers

This means Drem Oozemancers can really get gooing just like any other race with the class, nice!