Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6 "A Late Delivery from Avalon" is released!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6.0 ! See http://te4.org/

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

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Please do note this is *not* a full changelog of every little things. The 1.6 release contains so many changes and updates that it'd turn me mad organizing them into a semblance of changelog and it'd turn you mad reading it all (and if you want to turn mad you can just play Forbidden Cults expansion!).
The original unabridged log is about 3500 lines long.

Also included are updates to the three expansions: Forbidden Cults, Embers of Rage and Ashes of Urh'rok.

And if you use addons, make sure they have a version for 1.6 or disable them; you don't want problems do you? :)

  • When a yeek exits the tunnels to the halfling complex and sees subject Z; a warning comes up from the wayist, urging you to flee
  • When a shader is missing, it'll use a default fallback (prevents loading game with missing DLCs/addons)
  • Classic UI can now cancel buffs by right-click
  • Load quickhotkeys prior to loading the game to fix hotkey ordering for "restart the same character".
  • Revised Anorithils
  • Disable fatigue for positive and negative energy
  • Updated/rebalanced some NPCs
  • Revised Defilers
  • Removed max level on all fixed artifacts. Material level already restrains them. This prevents some artifacts being near un-obtainable on higher difficulties
  • Fixed an issue preventing users with a too long password from login in. Woops sorry :/
  • Cunning techniques revisions
  • Greatly revised Summoners
  • Significantly revise 2H Assault
  • Fix NPCs shoving the player
  • Teleports now immediately maximize the AI's guess spread on your current location
  • Ethereal Form uses highest of Dex or Mag for its defense bonus
  • Rebalance Elemental Harmony
  • Revise many artifacts, egos, randarts and items
  • Revise Arcane Blade's Enhancement tree
  • Reduce Arcane Destruction damage and fix type to Arcane
  • Fix Glove display
  • Fix Adept causing infinite talent levels
  • Sustains will not disable at 0 Stamina or Mana anymore, as it is cumbersome and is easily prevented with a little regen anyway
  • Fix Slings not having a base speed
  • Add stairs up to Dark Crypt
  • Fix Elemental Harmony allowing self damage
  • Allow respeccing out of combat
  • Add a talent autouse for being out of combat
  • Multiple updates to combat damage log
  • Fix light radius letting Players (but not NPCs) see beyond their max vision radius
  • Resize and reposition how charges are displayed on effects
  • Several talents that move the player would not function at all or would behave unusually if auto-accept target was enabled.
  • Greatly revised inscriptions (runes & infusions)
  • Greatly revised the early game combat to make melee start less painful
  • Revise accuracy bonuses to have more impact and nicer breakpoints
  • Revise shield/glove combat table tooltips
  • Born into magic now actually gives 20% inc dam as advertised(up from 15%)
  • Change Stone Vines' and Rockswallow's damage to Nature and removed speed malus from Stone Vines
  • Revise some racial talents
  • Round most talent masteries to 0.0 or 0.3
  • Add many, many base character visual customisation options (beards, hairs, skin color, tatoo and so on)
  • Implement support for cosmetic & "useless fun" microtransactions
  • Revise Scoundrel and add it to the Rogue escort
  • Redesign the Vim resource (no more ability refund; Vim regeneration on any kill scales faster with Willpower and now also scales with target rank; Bloodcasting is now baselined in the resource allowing you to pay Vim costs with 200% of the cost as life)
  • Added an UI option to sharpen the map display
  • Fixed a bug preventing steamsaw/guns from generating as egos for randbosses (amongst other things) (yes fear the gunsnakes!)
  • Smallish revisions to Archmage
  • Update Worldly Knowledge to only include most of the currently available escort/quest trees
  • Remove defense penalty from block
  • Miscelanous revisions to many talents
  • Revise Antimagic
  • Major AI update, smarter, better, maybe faster
  • Fixed several screenshot issues
  • Randomly generated humanoid npcs now use the same cosmetic features available to players, randomly
  • Simplify SDL gamma calculation and restore default gamma on exit.
  • Levelup dialog shows variable parts of talent descriptions (like numbers that go up as you levelup) in green even at talent levels 0 and 5, to better see which values will evolve
  • Revision of Fears
  • Stores now restock every 10 levels
  • Prodigies are now gained at levels 25 and 42
  • Add a bonus to stealth rating for Armor of Shadows
  • Revise fixed bosses, now they can better levelup and learn new tricks too
  • Revise Wyrmics
  • Revise Doomed
  • Revise Cursed
  • Revise Stealth
  • Revise Shadowblade
  • Small revisions to Stone Warden
  • Ban Dreamscape entirely from NPC use
  • New scriptable map generator along with a variety of combinable algorithms for it
  • Modules Markers, IMPORTANT: Removed unpausing the game when using energy in engine.Actor:useEnergy as this was badly misplaced, instead superload useEnergy inside your own player class to do it, look at example's module Player class for how to
  • Tilemaps can be scaled, fliped, rotated; new Maze tilemap; Heightmap & Noise tilemaps can be normalized
  • Revised many Prodigies
  • To celebrate nearly 10 years of ToME, a new awesomely drawn custom player tile that comes from the very early days of the game
  • Stun: Cooldown lock changed to half, damage reduction changed to 50%
  • Confusion: Interaction with confusion immunity removed
  • Increase resting rate dramatically
  • Add 1 regen to Alchemist golem to reduce resting tedium
  • Remove Munitions from Archer and re-add Poisons
  • Remove useless trees from some classes
  • Remove melee retaliation from many NPCs
  • Zigur is now always present on the map but forbids entry to any magic user.
  • Reenable Skirmisher on NPCs
  • Yeeks in the shadow crypt will have .. a surprise
  • Show known lore menu now has a search bar (search by lore id, name and category)
  • Clicking on a lore entry in the "Show known lore" menu will display the lore in the usual parchment-like UI, for easier reading
  • New keybind for automatic target accept option, no default binding
  • Shimmer mirror now has a search box
  • Various visual improvements
  • Updated the way NPCs (randbosses) are assigned character classes
  • Object requirements can now be any random flag of the wearer
  • High Peak levels become smaller towards the end (but keep the same number of foes inside)
  • Increased foes density in the Prides
  • Escort quests will now spawn in the Infinite Dungeon (between levels 5 and 40)
  • Fixed some Infinite Dungeon challenges
  • Nerfed patrols a bit
  • Revise Ghouls
  • Nerf life leech stacking
  • Can send talent links in the chat from the talent's right click menu or in the levelup dialog by pressing ctrl+l
  • Revise shops system
  • More Mummies! Rejoice!
  • Revise archers
  • *NUMEROUS* fixes and updates to a ton of things (can I be more vague? probably but it'll be hard ;) )

  • Buffed Nethergates. Be afraid.
  • When Kroshkkur is lost, the teleport spell to it is removed
  • Update for 1.6 cosmetic options
  • Fixed the books shader for some GPUs
  • Reduce Chronophage speed bonus
  • Tighten the radius rifts can spawn in
  • Fix Entropic Wasting merge behavior
  • Nerf From Below It Devours
  • Change WTW speed penalty to spell and phys speed instead of global speed
  • Replace Warborn with Drakeblood Strike
  • Fuel Pain now removes infusion saturation.
  • Fix Wrath of the Wilds description
  • Adjust values on Drake-Infused Blood and increase penalty for phys
  • Move Krog dual wield talent to Drake-Infused Blood
  • Add an acid aspect to Drake-infused Blood
  • Consume Whole now resets the cooldown of Digest
  • Increase the damage on Dissolved Face
  • Increase Reality Fracture rifts to 3 from 2
  • Add a failsafe for The One that Hunts not despawning
  • Significantly redesign the Hypostasis of Entropy fight
  • Fix Terrible Sight not reducing defense
  • Redesign Suspend to work as it was basically bugged to work anyway
  • Dramatically increase the talent level of talents gained from Painful Agony
  • Remove cooldown from Inner Tentacles
  • Increase Digest execute requirement from 10% to 20%
  • Reduce Digest cooldown to 12 from 15
  • Reduce Consume Whole cooldown to 14 and clarify insanity gain
  • Revise The Home Which Is Not
  • Add a self destruct to the Worm that Walks pet
  • Fix Monolith Armor deleting itself
  • Fix Grand Oration AoE display
  • Fatebreaker's damage redirect now lasts a full turn
  • Nihil, Atrophy, and Jinx will now be removed if line of sight with the source remains broken for 2 turns
  • Fix Atrophy triggering on sustains
  • Reduce Entropic Gift insanity gain from 20 to 10
  • Increase insanity gain of Netherblast from 8 to 11 and increase base damage
  • Reduce cost of Spatial Distortion from 20 insanity to 10
  • Reduce weapon damage of Defiled Blood to 10%
  • Rearrange the order Doom prophecies are learned in to Ruin, Treason, Madness
  • Increase damage on Prophecy of Ruin
  • Increase the level range and remove material tier from some of the forbidden tomes
  • Significantly revise and bug fix The Writhing Ring
  • Reduce WO Worm that Walks global speed to 80% from 100%
  • Fixed tentacle trees event to only be usable once and not block movement
  • Fixed the Font of Sacrifice to correctly only offer 3 choices, not the debug version 20 ;) I hope you all enjoyed the bug while it lasted!
  • Demented can be used in Embers of Rage campaign

  • Fixed Dead Hide
  • Fixed Solid Shell
  • Bosses in tier1 zones will not try to escape (following 1.6 change)
  • Steamgun Mastery & Psyshot talenst give Shoot talent when learnt
  • Update escorts to 1.6 standard
  • New artifact: the Laser Powered Giant Smasher
  • Added correct attachement spots for Orcs. How the hell did I miss that!
  • Update for 1.6 cosmetic options
  • Shoes of Moving Quickly now have a player doll tile
  • Much more fitting door opening sound for doors in the GEM and the Palace of Fumes
  • Tinker escort in the infinite dungeon will give a teleporter to the tinker's cave
  • Set Kruk Cloak as a cosmetic item
  • Update for ToME 1.6 combat training talents
  • Disabled Sawrd
  • Fixed size category of the pre-endbosses
  • Fixed Nimbus of Enlightenment
  • Tinkers in Age of Ascendancy campaign start with the tinker's cave on the worldmap
  • When Tinker's Cave is placed, it's location is now random like any other zone encounters, to prevent it being over-rideable or orveridden
  • Sawbutchers start with known Steamsaw tinker
  • Gunslingers and Psyshots start with known Steamgun tinker
  • AAAs can not be sent to Kruk from other campaigns

  • Wheel of Fate marked as not usable by NPCs
  • Bosses in tier1 zones will not try to escape (following 1.6 change)
  • Rogroth and the Planar Controller can equip their artifacts
  • Bleak Outcome debuff expires when the source is killed
  • Clarify the range of Fearfire Mantle
  • Fixed Overwhelming Fear lost message
  • Plaguefire explosions will only affect foes

DarkGod turns evil: Microtransactions, but the good kind!

So let's say it upfront: no pay2win to be seen in there!

Now that this is said let's get into more fun details. So if there is no pay2win, what will there be?
Many things! Mostly fun and/or cosmetic stuff as could be expected:

  • Additional Online Item's Vault space. Any purchase of the game, expansions, donations, ... already provides vault space, but this is for even MOAR!
  • Various cosmetic themed packs. These will include shimmer appearances for most items, plus sometimes/usually additional cosmetic options for playable races. "But DarkGod, I want to have racial cosmetic options without giving you more money!" Well, fear not for 1.6 does bring in a ton of those for free anyway. The more, the merrier! Oh and do not go around thinking you'll expansive cosmetic items one by one! No my good minions, a pack is about 2€ and usualy contains are 50 items appearances and a whole set of racial customization options!
  • Community events! Now for something a little different. In Tales of Maj'Eyal community events are temporary stuff that are sent by the server to any currently playing character. The server randomly sends two of those, called the Bearscape and the Lost Land of Poosh, to players automatically. There are many more, like seasonal ones, or ones only I can push when I feel like it. Now players will be able to acquire the ability to trigger either the Bearscape or Poosh themselves, in addition to the random server pushes that are not changing. But wait there is more! They are still community events, so whenever somebody buys and triggers one, all players currently online will benefit!
  • I don't like pay2win. I really really don't. So instead of doing pay2win, I've decided to add a pay2die system instead! If you think your character is too strong, that nothing can kill you as you stride effortlessly through the toughest of foes, just buy this option and get a few level 500 god-level horrors randbosses summoned on you! Death is guaranteed! You can even boast online by showing off what horrible horrible creatures are about to kill you!

To be perfectly clear: this is just a way for people who want to support the game to do so while getting a few cosmetic/fun stuff out of it. The game itself is free/cheap and will keep on being so because making my game accessible to more people is something I truly believe in. Also I'm an evil god of darkness, thus I want to reach as many minions as possible; you know to eat their souls and stuff... :)

The first three cosmetic packs are now available: Pyromania, Iron Throne Couture and Plumpkin Daper!

A huge thanks to all those contibuted to help make this release the biggest release ever!
Have fun in Eyal!


Just one question, are you going to revise Hexes and Curses talent trees? I feel they are very underwhelming, I usually struggle where to put my generic talent points when I play corruptors. Add some passives and instant casts in there. Pweeease?

Cosmetic packs ... but where?

Okay, cosmetic packs are available, but where do I find them? Does the shopkeep accept Voratun Coins?

It seems that they're only

It seems that they're only avaliable in-game.

Buy cosmetic packs directly from the web?

Could you please enable this feature somehow? Steam overlay doesn't allow me to pay less than 5€, and while I want to buy the three cosmetic packs for 6€ in total, they're in different accounts of like 4€ each :(

This is coming :) I wanted

This is coming :)
I wanted 1.6 out first as it was already far too delayed :/


I'm calling out of work.

Summoner changes?

It says "Greatly revised summoner" but... they look exactly the same to me? What's changed?

Summoner changes?

It says "Greatly revised summoner" but... they look exactly the same to me? What's changed?


Thank you DarkGod!

There goes my weekend again ...

... well, like it did every single time since 2011 after a new ToME release. Congratulations, DarkGod!

Not a good decision.

I'm gonna be totally honest, I hate these new microtransactions and have changed my 5-year positive review to a negative.

Everything should be unlockable just by playing the game. That includes cosmetics and the option to spawn the overpowered gods to kill you. The events? Not so much, they're random and can be triggered by anyone whenever. But cosmetics/client-side effects should *always* be unlockable just by playing.

I was looking forward to unlocking all of the achievements for this, but I'll now be leaving this game for good and playing something else.

A bit harsh

This is a bit harsh in my opinion.
The dev is not forcing anyone to buy microtransactions nor pushing them in your face. Clearly stated, they are for people who wish to support the game a bit more. A free/low cost game.
Normally I am fervently against micro.t, but you have to consider the track record of the game and dev. I don't think this gets anywhere near the 'sell out' class of games.
If you put yourself in the dev's shoes, this is a small way to generate revenue for your hard work. It could be way worse. I appreciate the humble way in which it is done.

Personally I would like to support the dev, not so much to get things, but because I love Tome and want it to keep going. Keep in mind everyone has to live somehow.

Hope you change your mind and come back! :)

Micro Transactions

TOME can be enjoyed for years without spending a penny.

Darkgod invested a decade into developing the game into what it is today. Due to the economic realities of modern life and to continue future development of TOME the following revenue streams were implemented:

  • Donations - Players are able to donate cash and get donor status benefits
  • DLC Expansion Packs - Three DLC's were released which expand the game with new races, classes and areas to play.
  • Micro Transactions consisting of Shimmer Packs (Cosmetic items only) and community events that can be activated once purchased.

DLC Packs:
Forbidden Cults - 70 coins
Embers of Rage - 70 coins
Ashes of Urh-Rok - 40 coins

Shimmer cosmetic packs (3 x 20) - 60 coins

Total coins = 240 at €1 per 10 coins = 24 Euros

Total cost of TOME with all DLC = 24 Euros.

Compare this with recent AAA titles that sell for multiple times that amount, which also brings out DLC and 'random' card packs for additional purchase.

TOME is also a niche gaming genre and will not sell in large quantities. Each purchase does make a difference and supports the developer.

Getting pissed at Darkgod for releasing a €2 cosmetic pack, which has no game play impact, seems unreasonable to me. You can still continue to play the game without making any purchases and you will have a great time.

"Everything should be unlockable just by playing the game." Everything is unlockable, except for the existing DLC pack content. The shimmer packs do not add any new items. Why should everything be free, why can't Darkgod make cosmetics for a few items and sell it for €2?

At the end of the day it's your loss by deciding not to play TOME anymore over trivial micro transactions.

It probably never was the right game for you anyway...

...if you're going to ditch it now because you can't unlock all cosmetics-achievements for free.
Try Princess Maker instead.

Edit: Dude, you have barely 1,5h play time on record! Not a single winning character (obviously, given your play time), and only a tiny handful of achievements - less than half of a percent of the achievements you could clear without paying a penny. You don't care about the game at all and never did, and thus you don't have ANY basis to write an informed review - positive or negative.
I hate microtransactions more than most people, but this is purely about cosmetics FFS, it doesn't impact any of the actual gameplay that makes this game unique and amazing in any way, shape or form. Giving the game a bad review for this is just a dick thing to do.




You weren't relevant to the game in the first place, I dropped $6 on the game the other day and got the Halloween cosmetics and got a Bearscape/LLoP to push to the entire server when I feel like it

I dislike microtransactions myself...

But I suspect your opinion is very much in the minority, even amongst others who share your feelings about microtransactions.

Here's the thing -- the cosmetic options are also available to players who pay to do the regular unlocks of much larger modules. So doesn't have to be a microtransaction. More to the point, however, the cosmetic options are extremely unobtrusive because this isn't an action game. It's a turn-based overhead rogue-like. So the cosmetic options are really only relevant to a single aspect of the game...examining your character sheet. The rest of the time, during gameplay, they're almost indistinguishable. You can see your character's various equipment and the like from the overhead gameplay screen, and you can take some bit of satisfaction, but you have to peer really hard to get a lot of smaller details, if they can be seen at all. So I think the DG's decision was quite apt -- serious players who care a lot about the appearance of their character on the inventory screen have already paid out for cosmetic options anyway. So the DG is merely making an ala carte payment option. He's not restricting anything that had always been available. He's just making something that had always been available a bit easier to get. It's easily the most innocuous microtransaction I've ever seen. It's not like the basic range of cosmetic offerings available to non-paying players is tiny or something. We can customize our characters just by picking races, sexes, and types of equipment we drape them with. I mean, I -- and probably most experienced players -- can often tell just by looking at the image of the character exactly what types of armor, weapons, and artifacts he or she has equipped without needing to read the names. Seems fair enough to me.