The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

What could be terrifying about little cute bunnies and eggs?
Nothing you say? Well, think again for the Pikataclysm has arrived to Eyal and will stay active until May 1st!
Beware of what lurks in this strange place, for sometimes, bunnies have big teeth.

The Pikataclysm is a yearly special server event, triggered every 10 minutes by the server to all players currently logged in. There are others such events, come find them all during the year!


Is the game dead?


Update+dlc is coming...eventually


Still kicking. Progress is being made on the next DLC and a lot of work has already been done for the next update. DarkGod posts teasers for Lost Lands on the Discord channel from time to time. There haven't been news posts here for the last couple of annual events, but I wouldn't read much into that.

a matter of time

it would be a matter of one Dark God Time Unit?

cant wait for alchemist to be the new meta

still waiting to be able to make meth as an alchemist

cant wait

lost lands gonna be so good