Chronomancy: Paradox Mage to do list (beta 20)

- Add particles to everything (coded just not added)
- Sound check
- Clean up the Matter and Gravity trees (add more physical damage to matter, ditch crushing weight and add a cone nuke, add a graviton shield spell that deals knockback when hit, nerf gravity spikes aoe a bit, make quantuum spike the top of the matter tree and make it an instakill, do calcify)
- Lower the cooldown on Echoes from the Past (it's to high now to work as designed which is to give Paradox Mages an interesting nuke)
- Figure out how I want to do Gather the Threads (maybe a stacking buff that breaks on cast like lightning speed or stealth)
- Finish up the Energy tree (Recharge, Energy Redirection, and Entropy)
- Finish up the Paradox tree (possibly add a barrage spell to this tree, figure out how I want to clone the player, possibly combine paradox mastery and paradox shield to make room for barrage, add Redux)
- Add some damage to Entropic Shield and rename it Entropic Field

And I think that's it. Not as much to do as I thought. Energy is half done and Paradox has a few easier effects so it shouldn't be to bad.

Guess I forgot..
- Give them a test run or two ;)

Particles and Gravity

Finished up the changes I wanted to do to the gravity tree today and managed to get particles and sound done for every non-timed effect that's going live with the Temporal Warden.

Not sure what I'll work on next, maybe redo the Matter tree. I'm thinking I'll put Dust to Dust as the first talent on that tree and just make it a straight small ball AoE then move the wall destruction thing over to ashes to ashes in age manipulation. Also thinking Quantum Spike will be the last Matter talent and be a ranged insta-kill :) Should be fun.

Also pondering a cloud spell someplace since gravity well is the only lasting aoe, maybe dust to dust?