Improved Easy of Use of Icons

With respect to the single row of ICONS at bottom of the page, I propose having two independent rows. This would make navigation much faster for those who use the ICONS. Currently, there are five pages with over lapping ICONS (pages not independent). There is ample room for most computer screens. Alternatively, instead of an additional row, have one or two columns of additional ICONS.

Maybe this exists, if not, it would make playing the game much easier for me.

Any thoughts?

A Little UI Trick

There should be a little padlock button (bottom right side of the screen by default) next to the talent bar. Once you find it, click it and it will allow you to resize and move various UI elements around, including your talent bar. If all you want is a second row, move your talent bar up a little (and most likely your log and chat too) and then right click the same thing you used to move the bar and drag down. Should give you a second row.

Thank you. Your suggestion

Thank you. Your suggestion works great.

However, the bottom two lines of text that appear in the lower left hand corner are now covered as changes are made or fighting. Is there a way to raise the text?

Moving Log

Simply click the padlock again and move your Talent Bar up again till you can see the "movement point" for the log. Same way you moved the talent bar, just that the talent bar covers up the part that you click.