DLCs on Sale on Steam

I've had ToME for a long time on Steam, but only recently did I really start playing it.
I'd love to buy the DLCs, but a little discount would go a long way in helping me afford them. Problem is, when I checked on steamdb, it's been a long time since they last went on sale (Embers of Rage last sale was on 2015).
Any chances they might go on sale again anytime soon? Maybe with the release of 1.7.0?


Steamdb must have a pretty out-of-date sale log, then. The dlcs have been on sale about 3-4 times a year, every year, frankly for dirt cheap. And yeah, it's likely that they'll all go on sale again when 1.7 releases, which could be anywhere from a few days to a few months from now.

If you can only pick one dlc for some reason, my personal favorite is Embers of Rage. It's got some great new prodigies, items and strategies even for the base-game classes. The tinker classes it adds are all semi-OP, except the Annihilator which is 250% OP even after all its nerfs. Just be forewarned that tinker classes can show up on rares at times, and can make the early game in Maj'Eyal have even spikier difficulty until you learn how to deal with them.

Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the advice!


Looks like the DLC is all on sale for the 1.7 release, hope you see this and grab them!