Roguelike Rage

Does anyone else find this genre of games absolutely infuriating? I don't think I've ever gotten more mad at a game than when I lose a good character in TOME or DCSS, etc. In fact multiple times I've deleted TOME and DCSS right after losing a character loaded with good uniques/randarts, lol. Fuck these games man, even the worst League of Legends game I ever have makes me less mad.

I guess it depends on how I

I guess it depends on how I died. And how far my guy was.
The highest level guy I've lost was like 20 something. Worm that walks destroyed me, but I checked the logs and saw that I had been healing the mofo every turn for 100+ blight. Also his sheer power amazed me as he took me down, so I wasn't even mad.

Compared the LoL, the only person to blame is mostly yourself when you die, as opposed to yer teammates in LoL.

Having said that, I'll get back to you if I lose a high level guy.

I just uninstalled tome, died on my first game

To overworld mobs on the second map. Twice. And i don't plan on returning ever again. The resistance and defenses system is needlessly complex and tedious. The game is way too long. The mouse control is lame. The in-game chat sucks really bad and should be a standalone thing. No vikeys unless you manually map them and move all those shortcuts around. No ctrl-f'ing stashed items for properties you want (before dying i spent a good 15 minutes looking up the water breathing property on all my items, one by one). No auto-attack, instead having 20 different keys that attack for more damage than your base attack, making gameplay slow. Those stupid f***ing overworld mobs that have no place in any game ever.

Here's the story of my first and only tome game ever. I went for a solid 20 hours without ever coming close to dying (i had blood whatever anyway so i was fine) and then some orcs ambushed me after killing the master and rod'ing back to the fortress (which is really stupid, why were orcs able to ever learn i got their stupid staff if i never came out of the vampire's tower? I didn't even want it anyway, not using staves, i was a bulwark, i could've given it to them had i had the option) and i dropped to negative health while fighting them, but i didn't die. Those orcs didn't happen to have tons of bs overleveled mages that nuke your resistances and deal all types of damage and debuffs, like the patrols i saw in the second map. Anyway, i kept doing some things in the first map, grew bored, went to the other map (which btw you can't get away from until you clear some level that would be full of bs orcs anyway), everything was fine, and then, the overworld mobs. First one that catch me killed me. Popped my blood. At this point i knew these were going to kill me a second time while exploring the overworld, and certainly enough, it happened after i got the girl's husband from the spider. I'm seriously pissed that 24 hours of gameplay went to the gutter TO OVERWORLD MOBS. I'd be fine had i died in a level, like i would in literally any other roguelike, but instead of that i died to an annoying mechanic. I was being entertained by the game, i won't lie. It's infuriating that i died to that after a near flawless first game. I haven't gotten this angry in years. I am not one to do this, but you can imagine me flipping the middle finger to overworld mobs and anyone and everyone who ever thought they were a good idea.

I'm back to crawl. I haven't gotten polytheist.

I can help with that. ;)

NomiFromDCSS wrote:
Those stupid f***ing overworld mobs that have no place in any game ever.

You want my Opt-in Adventurers Parties addon.

NomiFromDCSS wrote:
I didn't even want it anyway, not using staves, i was a bulwark, i could've given it to them had i had the option

You want my Ambush Escape addon. (And the OP and other commenters might also be interested in my Rage Quit addon.)

On the original topic… well, I recall I quit playing for something like a year after my first character to make it to the Sanctum got summarily curbstomped.

Early on, once or twice

But not really ANGRY, more like discouraged, like "well, time to take a break from ToME" for a bit. Not "write a huge rant about how everything in the game is bad and the reason for me dying is that the game is bad."

Probably because ToME is generally fair, if you die, it's because you made a mistake, by and large. On occasions you might get boned by the RNG, but it's rare that it isn't compounded by you getting cocky. So I think that's at the core of it, some games can piss me of, if it feels like it's complete randomness, totally out of my control, that I lose or die, like my skill level is mostly irrelevant. But ToME? Nah.


This is why i like ToME: 99% of totaly deaths is your mistake, not random. U can avoid all deaths if u really want it. Sometimes u must to preparing for it (u can get a situtations where enemies will block u after lvl change, but u can prepare for it with items whic allow u to use a teleports. Etc). There no random with potions which can kill u, and no1 game mechanics don't lie to u. U can see all in characters sheets. U can predict all threats. If u really want it.


Just wanted to say I agree.
That is all.


Yeah, this. I'm not even good at the game, but I generally feel like it's my fault when I die. If I knew what resistance I needed, didn't take a stupid risk, etc.

Actually, all the great roguelikes are that way in my opinion. It's all probabilities - even if you can't predict everything, once you know the game you should be able to win it frequently if you understand what threats are most immediate and what items to have around. Even Nethack, notoriously brutal and deep, is fair.

It's part of the genre...

I've been playing this game for the better part of a decade and I just won a game for the first time last night. LAST NIGHT!

I've been playing Nethack for probably 30 years and I've never ascended.

Jeez, feeling a little

Jeez, feeling a little butt-hurt are we