Chapter 11: Master and Servant

Haldor has heard that in the bay of Belfalas lies a ruined tower full of greater undead. This should be the perfect place to gain more treasures, fame and glory.

The old tower of Tol Falas... Upon entering, Haldor finds a sign post with a note... a note from the master of this place. He doesn't seem to be very happy with his undead minions...

"I'll show him what an "undead minion" can do..." thinks Haldor to himself.

Deeper in the tower, another sign post from the dungeon master talks about an object of great power. Perhaps it's a great magical object that Haldor may claim for himself?

Suddenly, he hears sounds of battle in a nearby room. Haldor opens the door... and finds a woman, one of those "sun paladins", in big trouble, surrounded by a skeleton warrior, a stone giant and a grave wight.

"Please, help!!!" screams the bleeding paladin.

Haldor has to act fast. He casts a shocking flame, confusing everybody in the room, including the poor sun paladin. Mana bolt, lightning bolt to dispatch the menacing skeleton warrior, ice bolt to freeze the stone giant and minor teleportation to get rid of the grave wight temporarily. Then, back to back with the sun paladin, he starts to aim his spells at the remaining stone giant and grave wight... and two vampires that decided to join the fight. Maybe they finally read all those sign posts and decided that it was time to stop being lazy and kill adventurers instead...

After the fight, the sun paladin is close to dying. Haldor feels like she's gonna pass out... but she finds the strength to talk.

"Thank you, my friend. I am Mayuwe, the sun paladin and I'll owe you forever for saving my life. I see that you have been taught the basics of the power of the sun and that you are using the Chant of Fortitude. Let me improve your knowledge of that chant, my friend!"

After spending some time with Mayuwe, Haldor continues his exploration of Tol Falas. But first, it's time to examine his findings... and in particular a strange cloak. The Cloak of Grima. A nice artifact he could use... but wouldn't that expose himself to the living beings?

Another sign post. This one clearly mentions a powerful magical item, which could even be a magical staff. Better than Haldor's Staff of Destruction?

One of those sign posts was talking about the master of this place being angry at his minions for letting adventurers come close to him and his precious item. Well for sure this place is crowded! Haldor stumbles upon a lost warrior in another part of the tower.

"My name is Gorugorion, and I'm totally lost. Could you help me find my portal?"

Haldor casts Vision and finds out that the portal is just outside the room they are in. Gorugorion teaches Haldor how to improve his life energies and leaves...

On the seventh floor, Haldor finds a glacial hatchet... the Blood-Letter. Another fancy weapon he will never be able to use...

On the same floor, he finds a big vault. Almost no treasures and the most powerful enemies Haldor has ever seen... surely the master of this tower has a sick sense of humor.

Climbing on the following floor, Haldor meets another sun paladin. However the meeting was very short... when Haldor decided to cast a flame blast to burn some annoying wights, the stupid paladin didn't find anything more intelligent to do than rushing into the blazing fire... and fry on the spot.

Now Haldor stands on the last floor of the tower of Tol Falas. Undead everywhere... wherever Haldor teleports, there are monsters waiting for him, and he can't find any safe spot to regenerate. This floor is costing him many potions to replenish his life and mana energies. And he didn't find the master of the tower yet...

"Welcome to your death! I am the Master, and I'm in a foul mood! Your death is gonna be a great amusement to me, insignificant insect!"

Speaking of the devil...