WIki updating, looking for community and staff comments.

As a player of tome, and one with many questions regarding my actions in the world of Eyal (often before wanting to commit to them) I find myself ever referring to the wiki on things that I simply do not have knowledge of. However regarding some artifacts, zones, and a few other things that are most likely out of date I have considered contributing information to revamp it. If that's something the community has an interest in seeing happen, or if the developers of addons and the main game are interested in seeing restored I'd love to hear thoughts and tips on how to go about it. I hope to ever be of service, and hope to hear some comments regarding this venture.

roaming through the

roaming through the inventories in the Characters Vault is probably the easiest way to get started =) this game deserves a solid wiki, so it's really appreciated

Well I am aware I have at

Well I am aware I have at least 5 artifacts in my turtle's inventory that do not have a wiki page. I also learned through the sludgenest that the transmogrification chest has a limit of something like 984 items. At that point it becomes rather laggy transferring from it to the normal inventory.

It would be nice

A lot of people simply don't care because "the chat is nice and helpful!" but personally I'd love to see some updating going on in the wiki! (although Vyn has almost single handledly been doing that for a bit now, if you refer to the 'recent changes' button and I'm really grateful that someone is putting time into this, and wish more people would) I personally don't know how much I can help but I'll update when I see something out of place that I can confirm is out of place (which isn't very often xD)


I have recently played a Thalore Berserker. I used him to get every artifact I could find. He has quite the backpack due to the 'I can carry the world!' prodigy.
If it is of any use, check him on the character vault, search for the name 'Tusk'.