After years of knowing this game ... I finally won

Jesus damn. I know this game for like 4-5 years now and always loved playing it on my laptop whenever I'm not at home beeing bored at night or something along those lines.

I decided to not look up any guides or anything for this game and enjoyed the trial & error aspects of it, I have lost lots of charakters on it, but it was always a fun time.

But today I finally did it. I finally beat the game.
Stupidly I wanted to fight the big golem in th graveyard too, but I didnt know I wouldnt have a chance after defeating the wizards.

Though I probably must thank the Dev for the Christmas event, as I recieved a crazy good T5 helmet with a small level of 20.

There are probably a crazy amount of good Items in the game, but a couple I found were crazy good. If anyone wants to check out my character page;

I would just point at my Weapon "Warmaster Gnarg's Murderblade" as it's probably the best weapon for my berserker build I couldve ever found.
The neck & ring - Grakul's Teeth and Ring of the War Master are insanely good for Berserkers aswell.
Plus Unbreakable Greaves and the Cloak beeing really great for the run too, but i got all those items (aside from the weapon) way past the point of beeing too strong to kill.

I'd say the reason why I managed to win this time were small tweeks in prioritization in Talents and Stats.
1) Always looking out for disarm immuntity Gloves.
2) Putting less priority into getting magic resistance at all cost, thinking Antimagic or Spores would be "really good to have to not get one shot by magic". Whereas a high HP pool and alot of regen does the trick too. (Though a big magic resist is always nice)
3) Carrying a physical effect removing Infusion and a Magic & Mind removing Infusion - to remove Blinds, Disarms, Pinning and other disorienting effects.
4) Fungal Blood as Prodigie is amazing. It gives you so much healing in combination with Healing increasing effects which are desirable on a high hp bloodlust berserker. - Bloodspring is kinda neat too - if you get bursted by magic when fighting alot of enemies.

This is probably not the best build, but its one ill advance my Berserker on, if i happen to get into Nightmare and other difficulties - as I need a class to brain afk ;)


Hey man.

Just wanted to congratulate you on your win! Character looks like a beast too. Disarm immunity is a really good point, will make sure to prioritize that when playing berserker.


I've been playing off and on for a couple of years. Still working on my first win so good job. I don't think I've tried the berzerker yet, maybe I should look into that myself.






Just logged in to congratulate you!


I've only been playing a few days and am just looking forward to beating lvl 12. CONGRATS for your big win.