Playing it Blind

I do not own a lot of games. However, those that I do own almost all have hundreds of hours in them. When I get a game I make sure it is something I really want to have. While part of the process of me getting a game is obviously looking at reviews and paying for it, another major aspect is researching the game myself. This means, for me, spending hours watching Youtubers or streamers play the game to make sure it is something I like. This includes story games. While it does let me find out if I like a game or not, it is not so helpful for keeping the mystery of the game intact. Sure, I might know that I like the game, but I already know exactly what's around each and every corner and what I might have to do to avoid it.

For this game though I'm trying something different. The only thing I knew going into it was that it was highly recommended by one of my friends. That's basically it. From there, I am trying to learn everything on my own including mechanics. The three only exceptions to this are that I can use and look at chat for clarification and minor help, I can look around my own page here on the website, and I can talk to my friend about the game as well. Besides that, everything is a secret. That means no videos, no forums, no subreddits, etc. At least not until I beat the game on Normal/Rougelike. Let's see how it goes.

good luck

well lets just say you chose a game thats fairly difficult to learn blind

have fun!

enjoy the journey!

I won't count it as cheating

I won't count it as cheating if you go for Adventure instead of Roguelike - finally got my first win on Adventure around 400 Steam hours in... I recognize that is longer than it takes for a lot of people though.

That's great. The spoilers

That's great. The spoilers around here are mostly unlock related. As you play the game (and you'll get one of these early on) you'll fulfill an unlock condition and then a new class or race or skill line will open up for future characters.

You'll be fine. You'll die a lot, but we all do. Go boldly out in a blaze of glory or YASD.

Good luck!

Seems I'm not the only one here who took til 400 hours in to get my first win in adventure/normal. This game is *hard*. I hope you've found it enjoyable the last couple months, eh?