Pumpkin Cat Points

I was thinking about cat points.
Cat points. Cat. Cats. What are the cats in the game?
And then I had an idea. Yes.
Killing Pumpkin should give 1 cat point, as well as an immortal revengeful cat ghost that sometimes appears at most inconvenient moments in the heat of a combat to exact revenge at you. And disappears once the combat ends.

*haunting, chilling meows of a wronged cat from beyond the grave*

Nice idea for an addon! But

Nice idea for an addon! But I'm too lazy(and unskilled) to make it.

am being replied to, much happies

Thanks! ^v^

You've made my day :D

You've made my day :D


Although I don't really approve of misprision of cat murders, there's a pretty strong tradition of cats doing, well, various stuff in roguelikes. ADOM's got a whole game-spanning (almost) quest about not killing cats. Stone Soup (and I thought at least one other) lets you play as a cat. Like, a quadruped housecat. They're apparently pretty strong magicians.

Then there's elona. Catsisters, Mia and her silver cat quest, Ehekatl, Frisia the cat queen, nekomata, the direct reference to Guin, the Cacy quest, cats as starter pets, cats as debug player races, catgods as debug player races... I forget what else.

So, if nothing else, it would at least be in the best roguelike tradition, if a little bloodthirsty.


It seems like the world is obsessed with cats. Meow!

Thanks I hate it!

This suggestion is horrible and you're a horrible person for suggesting it. Who would want to kill Pumpkin?!

Jokes aside though, it's a clever idea, and very fitting of how cheeky and dark the game's humour tends to be.