I've figured out why the elven ruins were abandoned

It's not the claustrophobic architecture or the hordes of the undead, it's because the place itself is a jerk. I just finished running the ruins with my lvl 30 Cursed, a cursed who received a voratun greatsword at lvl 20ish. He still takes it out of his pack sometimes to stare at wistfully, "If only you were an axe," he whispers to it nightly. So I enter the ruins and its like entering CRAZY BOB'S VORATUN WAREHOUSE. Just for fun I picked up every voratun weapon I came across and I now have a copy or three of every type of voratun weapon made, oh except NO axes of any variety. If you'd like I can melt down one of my three longswords and try to make you some voratun underpants because damn if I know what else to do with all this. Damn you elven ruins, DAMN YOU!

Thats why i don't like Slaughter skills tree

Every other Cursed skill can be used with all melee weapons, not just axes.

Ooh, voratun. I hear you man.

Ooh, voratun. I hear you man. There's always some point where you get about a million stralite battleaxes...


I once found a voratun battleaxe on the first level of the trollmire. It didn't feel right :J