Archmage/Elementist Split

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This addon splits the Archmage class into two classes; Elementist and Archmage.

Elementist: Which is rather similar to what Archmage is at the moment.
Starts with Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Elementalism categories unlocked.
Can unlock: Arcane, Phantasm, Temporal, Meta, Wildfire, Ice, Stone, Storm and Corrupted Elements.

Archmage: Stronger in non elemental spells.
Starts with Arcane, Phantasm, Temporal, Meta and High Magic categories unlocked.
Can unlock: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Aether, Power, Morph, Illusion and Distortion.

Also, the Aegis category has been replaced by a Force category, which contains half the Aegis talents.
The other talents are now in a Restoration category, which Linaniil should teach you if you prove worthy.

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