Mindslayer - My favorite Rogue

First I played a Shadowblade because I like dualwielding.
When I unlocked the Reaver I was delighted to see the dual wielding of any 2 one handed weapons.
This was again surpassed by the Mindslayer, who can dual wield 2 large weapons or tripple wield one weapon of each size.

After I found a flaming voratun greatsword with ~lvl 15 in the maze I switched to tripple wield, putting a dagger with ice damage and light damage on hit in one hand to freeze my enemies, a dagger with slime damage to slow everyone who opposes me in the other hand, and wielding the voratun greatsword with my mind.
This build is supported by conduit, which adds flat damage to each of my 3 attacks as well as weapon reshaping.

Im level 22 at the moment with no bigger problems thanks to my powerful shields that allow me to adapt to my enemies on the fly, the large damage output with my normal attacks and the debuffing potential of my daggers.
The only real downside is the focus on melee combat that I try to compensate with the Augmented Mobility tree at the moment. And that the chat gets pretty much flooded with damage messages.

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