The Transmigrant

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Death is but a door, time is but a window...

Adds a cheat item that after you find it lets you keep learned skills on starting a new character.
It also works like the item "Wheel of Fate", so it doesn't get too obsolete.

Categories without a single skill learned are deleted in the next life regardless of mastery, as a way to get rid of them if you don't want them.
To help with this the mod disables auto learned class talents on first levelup┬╣. You do not get refunded for these.

To keep some derived class skills on a new life, like refit golem you must learn one talent that 'unlocks' it in the other classes.
Golem Power unlocks the golem for classes other than the alchemist, and any bow/sling skill for the shoot skill.
Note that this is not the case for the original classes, that have the bonus of not having to start with points invested (but often do).

On roguelike difficulty don't use 'reload the last character' or 'create a new character' on the death dialog, those delete the last save.
Instead go back to the main menu -> new game and create the character there.

┬╣ Except heavy armor since it allows chargen equipment, and possession/body storage because the game crashes without and they work together.

How it works:
As long as the last character save exists and died with the new artifact ring 'A Mind Forever Voyaging' worn, you'll be given it and the opportunity to 'transmigrate' the last character at start of a new one.

If you refuse at the start, you still have the ring but can't transmigrate the old character unless you don't save and keep the last savefile the same (or delete any later savefiles).

If the last character didn't have it worn, your new character won't have the artifact and you'll have to find it, or enable the game option misc -> start with item which always puts the item in inventory and always tries loading the last character if any.

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