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Aadd-on that expands on the available Egos and Semi-Random Artifacts available. Introduces all sorts of new Effects and Talents used with both! For example:

Spellslinger - A Passive that increases Spellpower per visible enemy in a range of 2 - Rolls on Hats

Nether Resonance - A Passive found on the Semi-Random Artifact 'Netheric Diadem' that increases Light resist by half of Magic stat and Nature resist by half of Willpower stat.

Combust - Found on 'Pyrophage' items, if you hit a burning enemy, cause an aoe of fire damage and gain a temporary life-regen buff.

Mystical Recovery - Found on shields, when blocking, 20% chance to lower the cooldown of a random spell-type talent based on item level.

All That Glitters - Activated talent found on Rings, gives you a temporary buff to Spellpower based on how much money you have.

This is only a small sampling of new additions among the 10 semi-random Artifacts and 100+ Egos. There are still many more of both to come and I will be posting a full breakdown of all the new components soon. At this time, many of the added Egos are Greater, so they will only appear on blue or purple items. Designed to be compatible with other addons, please report any possible collision issues.

In the meantime, please check it out and post any questions, concerns, or tuning feedback.

Google Doc Summary at -

----Icons are edited versions from the existing game or from
---sounds edited from those freely available on and

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