No Ruined Dungeon Puzzle

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Changes the Ruined Dungeon sealed door to open upon killing all six Guardians in lieu of the sequential orb interaction puzzle.

You control DataQueen, the most advanced cyberdefence program ever made. Normal progvaders can't hurt you, you only die if you get surrounded. Fight off the invading gridbugs, reconnect the server points and destroy the rogue AIs threatening the Hive Corporation's serverbase. Die for the DataQueen!

Inspired by the board game Hive, DataQueen is a hex-based hacker/insect themed roguelike with many novel mechanics. Enemies have interesting moves, bosses are special challenges, grid terrain plays an essential part of combat, and attacks depend on your direction and turn-by-turn actions. The game is complex, with varied tactical challenges and careful choice of progression paths.

Screenshot: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/games/dataqueen/dg1.png

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