Ruined dungeon

Das Blinkenlights

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Adds visual feedback to the orbs in the Ruined Dungeon.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

Early Infinite Dungeon

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Allows you to use the stairs from the Ruined Dungeon to the Infinite Dungeon, even if you haven't completed the campaign.

Ruined Dungeon

I ran into this when I first started, quickly left and never bothered with it again after triggering a few of the monster summons. I decided to check it out again with my current character. I am completely and utterly confused by the "puzzle" aspect of this dungeon and I don't consider myself a neophyte with puzzles (30years of designing and running aD&D/rpg campaigns = some familiarity with puzzles.)

The lines of the poem make no sense. Reordering the lines does not make them clearer. I managed to somehow have one of the "orbs?" turn on instead of throwing mobs at me. But since there is nothing remarkable about that room I have to assume it is just random. Unfortunately going back and touching each of the other "orbs?" does not produce any different results.

So I guess I am stuck on this. :/

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