Alternative Combat Sounds

Alternative Combat Sounds

Replaces a few combat and talent sounds that I felt didn't fit (for various reasons) from the base game

Currently replaced sounds:
- Sling shoot - Replaced with a "woosh" and impact sound.
- Steamgun shoot - Replaced with a single more gun-like sound. There is an alternative file in the addon that plays two firing sounds instead of one (like the original sound).
- Lightning spells - The original loud crashing sound is replaced with an electric "zap" sound.

Note: As this does include a sound file for Steamguns, it's made with the EoR DLC in mind. However, I'm fairly certain it should work without the DLC.

Also Note: This is my first addon and I'm not particularly experienced with lua, so there are a few things I couldn't do (yet!). I included a "sling_miss" version of the sling sound, but I've yet to find a way to get the game to use it (without overwriting the entire data for slings, which would be bad). So for now, the sound file is there, but the game will make the same sound whether you hit with a sling or miss (the default sling sound does the same thing). Any advice on how to tweak that one line of code (sound_miss = "actions/sling") without using an overload would be greatly appreciated!

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