Abomination Race

Abomination Race

Adds the undead abomination race.

Abominations are the hideous result of callous necromancers fusing several dead bodies or loose appendages into one single being. They can augment themselves by assimilating more body parts to their being, even in the heat of battle. Abominations may grow considerably in size after being created and while such extra size may benefit them, growing too large slows them down.

Their multitude of body parts makes them hardy and difficult to stun and their multitude of heads make their vision difficult to impair, however the vast amount of minds combined can make them more susceptible to confusion effects

They have access to special abomination talents, that improve as they grow in size and constitution.

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Is it possible to make this work for EoR?

Pretty much. Only race addon I've seen only work in Maj'eyal.

Re: EoR Abomination

I don't think the author of Abomination is around any more... but I've just updated my Embers With All Races addon (https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/orcsallraces ) to include Abomination (and several other addon races, to add to the already lengthy list).