Draconians 1.7

Draconians 1.7

Adds Draconians as playable race. This version of the addon is tweaked to allow Defiler classes. Attempting to fix for 1.7 by removing the dracolich function, as I'm not well enough versed in coding to make it compatible.

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Draconians Tweaked 1.7.2 2021-02-25 05:37

Draconians and the infinite dungeon.

Does anyone who uses the draconian mod know if the necklace of dragon teeth shows up in the infinite dungeon? I've been thinking of trying a draconian alchemist for my first dungeon run but I'm anxious over whether or not the draconian is a viable pick for dungeon crawling. Do we encounter the mechanism to "activate" the race while delving the deep black depths of the infinite dungeon or are draconians a bust for the big dungeon crawl?

I looked into the code.

I looked into the code.
The necklace should drop the first time you kill any "Boss" or "Elite Boss" tier enemy while knowing a talent from "race/draconic", so it should work in the infinite dungeon.