Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness

Adds many new spells for Necromancer and modifies many existing spells, effects and minions. See thread for full details.

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Great addon

Great addon. I like how you moved some of the necro content to generic, which was a bit bland for necromancers in vanilla.

Thanks for your work on this!

Excelent addon

I like it a lot. Alters the default trees in a way that is both thematic and doesn't make any of them useless (better than default in that regard). Also removes necro minion hostility, a much needed feature IMO.

My only criticism: The second power of the Reaping tree (the one that provides darkness damage in your necrotic aura and a chance for a soul every turn a creature takes damage) is too powerful for it's cost. I think it needs at the very least a higher mana or sustain cost, and possibly a hefty cooldown timer.

Great work.

Great work.


Before I begin, I must say great job with the add-on; I quite like it. I have a bit of aa problem with the add-on perhaps being too overpowered, though. From playing a feew runs as an eternal darkness necro that focuses on minions, I have a few recommendations for tweaking certain skills. For one, remove the inherent immunity frrom minion damage/minion friendlly fire from each other, but make dark empathy an earlier skill to get (maybe the 2nd or 3rd talent in a tree? I dunno) aand make it include the mininos not being able to hurt each other thing (which is not iincluded with normal necro). Anoothher thing - surge of undeath is a bit too powerful, namely because the regen is so high.. I'd say nerf it, but have it scale well so you sacrifice cclass points to have an effective way to heal minions. For things you probably shouldntt change, i'd say don't cchange thhe nightfall tree at all, it seems perfectly fine as it is. JJuust giving a few suggestions is all. Either way, I must reiterate: good job with the add-on. I will look forward to future add-ons from you.

And a possiblle bug

Minions tend to just sit at one ssppot and not follow me at all. They target and attack something other thann an enemy (presumably they're attacking eachother) aand simply don't follow you. It makes it really difficult to play aa minion necro effectively.