Fresh and Clean Language Improvement for ToME


It's here! Version 2.1 of the Fresh and Clean addon. This is a major update.

What's New:

  • Every single item, item type, and ego has been combed over. Countless typos, syntax issues, capitalization issues, and more were found and corrected. Some items were also edited to better reflect the lore of the game. (Ex. Eyal has two moons, not "the Moon").
  • The race and class descriptions went through yet another round of optimizing.

There are a couple of items that I believe need editing, but I need to get more information on the lore before doing so. Also, the reward artifacts for the two developer activated quests have not been edited as I have yet to find their entries in the code. There will be a slight update for this.

For the next version I will go through all of the NPCs, monsters, etc. I hope that you enjoy this!