Fresh and Clean Language Improvement for ToME 4

Fresh and Clean Language Improvement for ToME 4

This addon removes typos and improves sentence structure in ToME 4. Version 3.3 reviews and/or updates the following:
Race descriptions
Class descriptions
Minievent dialogue and locations
Difficulty settings
Damage types and death messages
Every ego, item type, and item in the game
Every NPC/creature/enemy in the game

This is a work-in-progress and will soon cover talent descriptions, main game dialogue, events, and smaller issues. It's important to note that this is not a rewrite. I'm not interested in completely changing what an original author created for the game. Whenever I was in doubt, I refrained from changing anything.
I hope that you like it! I'm wide open to all suggestions for improvement. :)

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Of Permanence and the Grillkick

Great idea, Sir Grillkick. Have you thought about compiling a patch against the codebase? I'm sure darkgod would be receptive. (We'll poke him if he isn't.) The "CREDITS" file already lists numerous users providing "texts revisions," so I'm sure you'd be in good hands.

Sure Thing

Absolutely Leycec- patching the codebase is my main goal. I wanted to make this available as an addon first while I work on it so that I can receive feedback from my changes and catch any accidental errors. I should resume work on it next week (I'm slammed with course work) and hope to have the next version out by Friday.
I'm also going to have to look at all the files that have been changed in SVN and make new files for the! lol

Even the latest version shows

Even the latest version shows as incompatible with b42 in my list and I get the red invalidation message when I play.

That is normal with addons

That is normal with addons like this. You'll see the same thing with Keepsake, etc.
Thanks for trying it out! Please let me know of any issues that you find or suggestions that you may have. There is a lot of work to do and it helps to get as much feedback as possible :)

Great idea!

Giving this one a go, will post in a couple of days after having read as much text as possible.


Thanks, Darktanis! This is very much a work in progress so I would appreciate any suggestions that you could give. :)