Adjustable Levelup (Vexamen's modification)

Adjustable Levelup (Vexamen's modification)

Original: "Isaacssv552", "Asellia". Allows modification of leveling. Can modify stat gain, talent gain, category gain, life gain, and more. If you would like to be able to modify other values post them in the comments. Inspired by Asellia's adjustable_level_points addon.
UPDATE: I've added the ability to modify stat and level maximums. I have also added the ability to customize which levels stats, talents, talent types, and prodigies are gained at. This allows for alternative leveling schemes such as gaining 2 class points on every even level and 2 generic points every odd level. For example, the max/milestone level could be set to 100, xp gain at 300, and all intervals doubled with alternating offsets for a faster early game, a slower late game, and increased potential for early game specialization.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Customizable Max Level and stat gains 1.5.10 2022-03-14 17:43

NPCs are affected

My testing shows that some of the options on this addon also affect NPCs.

I'm not sure if all options are affected, as I didn't notice if enemies are getting more talent levels and such, but when I got suspicious of it I decided to greatly increase some stats to test and noticed that enemies were being affected (life being the more noticeable one).

It may well be just life and resources that affect enemies though, I'm not sure, and as I don't actually play with those two values altered it doesn't really affect my own game so I'll leave this as a note for other players and/or the creator.

As a side note - it'd be good if the options saved between characters, currently most of them reset when you start a new game.

I really like the idea of

I really like the idea of theoretical infinity scaling, so this mod works great for that. But I have one question.

Does this make it so you get Extra Talent Category Points or are you still stuck with 4? If yes, at what levels should you get them?