Additional Boss Pack

Additional Boss Pack

More Boss!
This addon introduce 8 new bosses to the game, with their different fighting styles and special abilities.
You will see the detailed introduction about those bosses and their special abilities in the forum post.
This addon is still in Alpha test, so it is expected to have many bugs and really unbalanced settings. Hope to hear your feedbacks!

Additional Boss Pack forum discussion thread
Additional Boss Pack on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Fix game breaking bug 1.6.6 2020-08-31 10:16
delete gold 1.6.6 2020-05-07 03:14
Init release 1.6.6 2020-01-08 12:15

Game Breaking Bug.

Excellent Addon! So far, I have found the rungolf variant and the boulder slinger (I shat bricks when I saw that sucker on Precognition, but some dirty tactics took care of that.)

One problem, though.

It ruined a pretty fun and promising run on the first serious Temporal Warden run I made. Maybe some other Addon had something to do with that also, but the log doesn't give me any reason to think so.

I hope all this text fits.


Game version: tome-1.6.7

Addons: savepoints-1.4.0[X!], notestoself-1.3.0[X!], unwield_hotkey-1.6.0[X], rod_dissip-1.6.0[X], orb_ruined-1.6.0[X], frost_invoker-1.6.7[X], bil_fix-1.6.0[X], hero_tooltip-1.6.0[X], dreadnecromancer-1.6.7[X], wall_clock-1.6.0[X], savefile_note-1.3.0[X!], highguard-1.6.7[X], golem_level-1.6.0[X], tactical-minimap-1.6.0[X], store_wishlist-1.6.0[X], cooldowns-1.6.0[X], gem_transmo-1.1.0[X!], whitemonk-1.6.0[X], arcanum-1.6.7[X], meteor-fix-1.6.7[X], improved-restauto-1.6.5[X], effects_z-1.6.0[X], uber_req-1.6.0[X], midnight-1.6.7[X], faster_rre-1.0.6[X!], classastromancer-1.6.0[X], compare-1.6.0[X], heartstalker_class-1.6.7[X], animist-1.6.0[X], invorder-1.3.0[X!], hiveminder_class-1.6.7[X], low_hp_popup-1.1.0[X!], moreboss-1.6.6[X], wield_replace-1.3.0[X!], verdant-1.6.7[X]


Game version (character creation): tome-1.6.7

Lua Error: engineEntity.lua:1171: data-morebossgeneral/npcs/ogre.lua:29: unexpected symbol near ‘,’

At [C]:-1

At [C]:-1 error

At engineEntity.lua:1171 loadList

At hooksmoreboss/load.lua:33

At [string “return function(l, self, data) local ok=false…”]:1 triggerHook

At engineEntity.lua:1228 loadList

At engineEntity.lua:1213 load

At datazones/crypt-kryl-feijan/npcs.lua:24 f

At engineEntity.lua:1224 loadList

At engineZone.lua:174 loadBaseLists

At engineZone.lua:126 init

At engineclass.lua:147 new

At modclass/Game.lua:1141 changeLevelReal

At modclass/Game.lua:955 base_changeLevel

At modaddons/store_wishlist/superloadmodclass/Game.lua:47 changeLevel

At datageneral/encounters/maj-eyal.lua:84 fct

At engineui/Dialog.lua:171 fct

At engineui/Button.lua:63 fct

At engineMouse.lua:71 receiveMouse

At engineMouse.lua:111 delegate

At engineui/Dialog.lua:793 mouseEvent

At engineui/Dialog.lua:508 fct

At engineMouse.lua:71