Cunning/Dead Secrets - generic category available to Necromancer, Doomed and Shadowblade.
Grave Resolve: passive. Bonus to Fear immunity and Mental save.
Darktouched: active. Small resistance bonus against darkness, cold, undead. + touch attack Heals undead/harms others.
Dead Whispers: active. Grants telepathy Undead for a short time. Also let's you see what your minions see.
Necroanatomy: passive. You do increased damage to undead. Decreased damage you do to your own minions. Adds healing to Surge of Undeath. Increases max life of Doomed Shadows.

Spell/Charnel - class category available to Necromancer only.
Blood Burst: radius 1 blight damage ranged burst, splash heals undead.
Grasping Claws: mass pin/bleed.
Meat Shield: sustain, grants a physical ward on kill.
Vampiric Gift: moved from Spell/Grave

Tweaked Categories:
Chill of the Tomb: no change
Will o' the Wisps: Also buffs your cold damage and resistance a little. Grants a chance to summon a wisp on spell hitting.
Frozen Flames: Slowly burns status effects from friendly and enemies. Selective about whether it burns beneficial or detrimental.
Ghost Touch: Curse, lowers mindsave, cold resist and stun resist.

Spell/Advanced Necrotic Minions
Undead Explosion: If used on a Wisp, it will be a radius 1 freeze. If used on a Bone Giant it will provide the Bone Shield and do physical damage.
Soulwind: Increases minion's movement speed and grants a chance to recover a soul when a minion dies.
Assemble: Better level scaling.
Minion Mastery: Added a Greater Mummy that upgrades on Ghoul King. Also protects your minions from interminion damage.

Spell/Necrotic Minions
Aura Mastery move to Necrosis.
Undeath Link moved to slot 2, now does less damage to your minions, but also adds all minions life drains together.

Undeath Link moved to Necrotic Minions.
Impending Doom moved the slot 3.
Aura Mastery added to slot 2.

Shadow Tunnel now also includes the effect of Curse of the Meek.
Curse of the Meek removed.
Nether Breach added to slot 2. Its like Aether Breach but does darkness damage and won't hurt minions with Invoke Darkness 5.

Tweaked the talent levels granted by Blighted Summoning.

Also adds in a new class called the Spiritmancer:

The dead do not always rest easy, even free from fell influences.
Some linger, wishing to finish some unfinished business.
Others want to pass on a message to a loved one.
Some seek another chance for glory in battle or revenge against those who killed them.
They all eventually find a Spiritmancer, and bargain temporary servitude for closure.
The Spiritmancer can give form to the lost souls, allowing them to fight again. They also have powerful light and lightning magic.

Ghost Light: active. Summons Wisps of light. Melee light damage.
Spirit Guide. sustain. each summon you control increases your defense and saves.
Rest In Peace: active. bolt does light damage. more vs undead. becomes a beam at 5.
Spirit Form: active. can walk through walls temporarily. Light affinity.

Sprites: active. Summons Wisps of lightning. Ranged zappers.
Jolt of Fate: active. Lighting hits a random visible enemy.
Karmic Shield: active. Absorbs damage for a few turns then explodes based on damage absorbed.
Karmic Wave: active. weakish lightning damage cone. stronger when you are low on health.

Life Giver
Clay Golem: active. imbue a clay golem with the soul of a fallen warrior. Golem grants a physical resistance aura.
Poltergeist: sustain. randomly inflicts disarm or knockback against nearby enemies.
Gift of Life: active. give part of your life to your summons, healing them and making them tougher.
Hope: sustain. reduces debuff durations, increases fear resist.

Ghost Bulwark: active. summons a ghostly bulwark which can block attacks against adjacent allies.
Pale Veil: passive. allows your ghosts to Fade.
Ghost Berserker: active. summons a ghostly berserker. Choppy ghost.
Banshee: active. summon a banshee. Caster ghost.

Shining Binds: active. ranged explosion for light damage and pin.
Pool of Light: active. Ground effect. Heals friendly. Lightblind enemies.
Holy Word: active. All nearby enemy undead/demons/horrors take light/arcane damage and are deafened.
Endless Light: sustain. increases light damage, light penentration and decreases spell cooldowns.

Lightning Flash: active. Throws a ball of lightning that explodes for lightning and blindness.
Peacemakers: active. Increases your summoned creatures strengths and speeds.
Indignation: active. Inscribe a symbol of justice on the ground. After a short delay it explodes with high lightning daze damage.
Righteous Fury: Lightning Mastery that also adds lightning damage to minion attacks.

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There is no dead secrets?

Why is it commented out and why does the description not mention it?


Is this mod OP even slightly? i dont have time to check and im wondering, cos i dont want to even minutely unbalance my game.

Just seems different to me,

Just seems different to me, not unbalanced. Balance is a personal perspective, but it's mostly just variety here. The Spiritmancer is pretty awesome, but, if anything, it's a bit underpowered compared to the necromancer. (Not complaining, btw, HousePet. That golem is strangely durable and keeps enemies occupied much better than an alchemist golem, at least on Nightmare Diff. Doesn't kill them nearly as quick, but it hangs in there forever. Haven't had a chance to really develop a character, so my opinion is merely in its formative stages right now. I think I'll start a new one on Insane and see how that brings the balance into sharp relief.)


How could you even ask such a question?!
Of course it isn't OP.