OldRPG - Overdrive - 1 of 6

OldRPG - Overdrive - 1 of 6

Rework of OldRPG for compatibility with 1.6.5 and Forbidden Cults. Missing tiles from DLC are replaced by the original default tiles instead of blank tiles or ascii (if you are interested in contributing sprites for Cults please contact me!). After downloading and installing all 6 parts, make sure OldRPG 64x64 is selected as the tileset in game. Original work done by krazycure, daftigod, chrambo, blooo, sevenredreturns. Part 1 of 6 contains all terrain textures. (Required)

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OldRPG Overdrive 1 of 6 1.6.5 2020-01-04 03:53

Made TOME4 playable. Should be in the base game.

I've tried to get into TOME4 several times but the default tileset is (1) really hard to see what's what, and what's going on; and (2) hideous, godawful hideous, just so hideous, oh save us, it's so darn ugly.

Feedback (to be updated, if slowly sometimes, over time)

(02/12/2020 - 1) Highers and Cornacs share the same player model but originally were distinct humans. To be clear, the Cornacs are using the Higher model.
(02/12/2020 - 2) The lower level leather armor is dark brown with darker brown, and I believe it used to be a mix of light and dark brown (but this might be an art change you made)
(02/12/2020 - 3) The basic dagger model may or may not be correct, as they almost seem to have the look of something unique (but might be an art change you made)

Feedback Response

Hey thanks for the feedback. I don't really check the comments here so I just saw them a few months later lol. I probably won't make any changes now, but next time there is a large update / DLC that potentially breaks this tileset / adds new stuff I will update it with some fixes. I also have a few friends skilled at pixel art, so I might commission new tiles plus make some of my own to replace the Forbidden Cults ones plus whatever new ones are added.

You're Awesome!

I love you. I don't know who you are, but I love you! I cannot play this game without this tileset. I wish I was more (of any amount of) an artist, so I could help.