Better ASCII

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Improves the ASCII display to be more useable overall. Designed for the regular ASCII display; if you use ASCII with backgrounds this may not help at all. Currently all this does is change monsters and traps that are difficult to see on a black background to be more readable. I've done this manually, so if you notice any I've missed please let me know. This also involved making a relatively invasive change to the Doomed, Summoner, and Necromancer classes, so please report any strange behavior with those classes, or with NPCs that have talents from those classes.

Potential future plans include fixing the colors of some of the more problematic items and events such as Fearscape Portals, understanding what the shader field is supposed to do for monsters (i.e. are multicolored monsters supposed to actually shimmer), finding a higher-quality monospace font that looks better when blown up on the character page and other similar places, and trying to fix the various display bugs associated with putting an item's ability on the hotbar.

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