Talent Requirement Tweak

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This mod has the main goal of making the invested stat points more relevant, and equipment less relevant, for learning talents. This is because I dislike being encouraged to lug about a dozen different pieces of equipment merely for learning something; it feels both manipulative and tedious.

To compensate, stat requirements are lowered across the board; any amount over 10 is reduced by 25% (so a requirement of 36 becomes 30).

Furthermore, a secondary goal is to make investing in Constitution slightly more interesting. Just the basic change goes some way towards this as Thick Skin is a great talent and now requires investment in Constitution, but in addition to that, Armor Training requirements can be met with Constitution, and Combat Veteran now has no stat requirement but the effects of all the talents scale with constitution (full vanilla effect at Con30, 50% increased effect at Con100).

Compability: So far, I've not used it with extensive content mods, so I don't know if any errors will crop up. It should be compatible with most mods that don't overload the ActorTalents file, and should hopefully adjust the requirements in any addon talents.

If you encounter any bug or incompability please let me know and I'll try to work it out.

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