Dance of the Edge

Short Name: 

Introduces the Blade Dancer, a dual-wielding Warrior subclass whose style revolves around shifting between different forms ("dances") in order to prevail in any combat situation. Each dance is quite powerful, becoming more so with more Talent Point investment, but only a limited number of dances can be active at once.

The Blade Dancer's key trait is flexibility. There are myriad ways to build this character, all of them with great potential for entertaining gameplay.

Class Features:

Eight New Talent Trees - Five core dances: Dance of the Moons, Storm, Torrent, Mountain, and Leaf. Each dance improves aspects of your character, as well as granting access to powerful techniques while active. Spread your talent points across multiple dances, or focus on just one or two. Other Talent trees allow you to improve your dances or even mesh them together into deadly combinations.

Unique starting Area - Human, Elf, Halfling, and Dwarf Blade Dancers will start in a new, unique starting area, with a couple of novel critters and a new boss at the end.

Class-Specific Quest - Upon finishing their starting area, Human, Elf, Halfling, and Dwarf Blade Dancers will gain access to a class-specific sidequest that runs parallel to the main game. Completing this quest grants access to a nice peice of equipment.

Auto-Scumming - Many of the dances raise your core stats while active. To keep the player from constantly ducking in and out of menus, stat requirements for gear and talent-learning will automatically adjust to accomodate those dances that are learned, but currently inactive.

Other Addon Features:

New Bosses - Not every Blade Dancer is a hero. A handful of renegades roam Maj'Eyal, looking to ruin someone's day...

New Boss Artifacts - least those renegade Blade Dancers carry some decent gear with them.

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