NameGameLast updated
Vault Guardian the level 14 Ghoul Brawlertome22 weeks 1 day ago
Docoon the level 6 Cornac Mindslayertome22 weeks 1 day ago
Vearpay the level 50 Cornac Temporal Wardentome22 weeks 1 day ago
Urnd the level 2 Krog Maraudertome22 weeks 3 days ago
Asimras the level 7 Doomelf Sun Paladintome22 weeks 3 days ago
Chana the level 9 Krog Oozemancertome22 weeks 5 days ago
Micewave the level 50 Cornac Archmagetome22 weeks 5 days ago
Unveav the level 27 Cornac Solipsisttome24 weeks 17 hours ago
Unund the level 39 Halfling Roguetome24 weeks 20 hours ago
Holldepa the level 11 Cornac Shadowbladetome24 weeks 3 days ago
Holldepa the level 1 Halfling Shadowbladetome24 weeks 3 days ago
Usor the level 50 Ogre Doombringertome24 weeks 3 days ago
Hurmatto the level 24 Drem Reavertome24 weeks 4 days ago
Kellust the level 17 Cornac Paradox Magetome24 weeks 4 days ago
Acsec the level 22 Yeek Wyrmictome24 weeks 5 days ago
Dudaknu the level 18 Dwarf Mindslayertome24 weeks 5 days ago
Harithel the level 19 Skeleton Corruptortome24 weeks 5 days ago
Kalja the level 18 Dwarf Cultist of Entropytome24 weeks 5 days ago
Beolic the level 1 Higher Paradox Magetome24 weeks 6 days ago
Usor the level 1 Ogre Doombringertome25 weeks 6 days ago
Astni the level 1 Ogre Demonologisttome25 weeks 6 days ago
Eilstann the level 15 Cornac Archmagetome25 weeks 6 days ago
Roisc the level 50 Skeleton Writhing Onetome25 weeks 6 days ago
Arcll the level 1 Cornac Alchemisttome26 weeks 9 hours ago
Naral the level 13 Shalore Archmagetome26 weeks 17 hours ago