NameGameLast updated
Endy_73 the level 19 Halfling Roguetome5 weeks 1 day ago
Archmage_Whitehoof the level 34 Whitehoof Archmagetome13 weeks 3 days ago
Archmage_Sceleton the level 45 Skeleton Archmagetome27 weeks 3 days ago
Endy-One the level 50 Dwarf Berserkertome27 weeks 6 days ago
Undead Archmage the level 50 Skeleton Archmagetome28 weeks 7 hours ago
Endy_Archmage the level 32 Shalore Archmagetome40 weeks 3 days ago
Endy73 the level 50 Cornac Berserkertome8 years 21 weeks ago
Endy73 the level 8 Cornac Berserkertome9 years 38 weeks ago