NameGameLast updated
Saerri the level 36 Higher Archmagetome7 min 32 sec ago
Saerri the level 40 Higher Archmagetome21 hours 32 min ago
Death Hand the level 50 Doomelf Cultist of Entropytome1 day 19 hours ago
Hate Oracle the level 1 Cornac Corruptortome1 week 3 days ago
Kyaamancer the level 1 Doomelf Reavertome1 week 4 days ago
Forced Sterilization the level 23 Drem Roguetome1 week 4 days ago
Cleansing Siege the level 50 Skeleton Shadowbladetome2 weeks 12 hours ago
Knife Blood Nightmare the level 50 Lich Necromancertome2 weeks 1 day ago
Shadowed Reaper the level 50 Cornac Gunslingertome3 weeks 25 min ago
The Last Wound the level 50 Skeleton Arcane Bladetome3 weeks 23 hours ago
Strike Dehumanization the level 13 Skeleton Brawlertome3 weeks 3 days ago
Light the level 50 Cornac Anorithiltome3 weeks 5 days ago
Emma the level 50 Cornac Roguetome6 weeks 1 day ago
Violence the level 50 Dwarf Doombringertome6 weeks 3 days ago
Revengeance the level 50 Cornac Maraudertome18 weeks 2 days ago
Relenting Westerner the level 50 Dwarf Skirmishertome18 weeks 3 days ago
Vengeance the level 50 Cornac Shadowbladetome19 weeks 9 hours ago
Genocidal Mastery the level 50 Halfling Reavertome19 weeks 2 days ago
ethereal form is trash the level 50 Dwarf Demonologisttome20 weeks 2 days ago
Progress 69 2 the level 50 Dwarf Corruptortome20 weeks 5 days ago
Panzerfaust the level 50 Dwarf Cursedtome20 weeks 6 days ago
XxDark ArthasxX the level 50 Ogre Sun Paladintome21 weeks 2 days ago
Lil Neopronoun the level 50 Orc Sun Paladintome23 weeks 1 day ago
Deathspell the level 50 Orc Arcane Bladetome23 weeks 1 day ago
Anti the level 50 Thalore Sawbutchertome24 weeks 1 day ago