NameGameLast updated
Zigur First the level 27 Cornac Bulwarktome14 hours 13 min ago
Mask Off the level 50 Cornac Doombringertome17 hours 11 min ago
Death Insignia the level 20 Ogre Brawlertome1 day 4 hours ago
Everlasting Hate the level 50 Cornac Arcane Bladetome1 day 14 hours ago
End Times the level 50 Skeleton Annihilatortome2 weeks 6 hours ago
Filth Solution the level 50 Yeek Solipsisttome2 weeks 3 days ago
Us and them the level 50 Doomelf Maraudertome4 weeks 3 days ago
Deadgirl the level 50 Ghoul Archmagetome5 weeks 1 day ago
Red Skull the level 50 Skeleton Anorithiltome9 weeks 2 days ago
Above All Born the level 50 Yeek Mindslayertome16 weeks 19 hours ago
Lonewolf Berzerker the level 50 Cornac Wyrmictome16 weeks 4 days ago
Rampage Agenda the level 50 Cornac Berserkertome17 weeks 1 day ago
Fate the level 50 Doomelf Roguetome17 weeks 3 days ago
The Alchemist the level 50 Cornac Alchemisttome18 weeks 3 days ago
Spectral the level 50 Higher Reavertome18 weeks 3 days ago
Saerri the level 50 Higher Archmagetome18 weeks 4 days ago
Holiest Reich the level 50 Cornac Writhing Onetome19 weeks 11 hours ago
Death Hand the level 50 Doomelf Cultist of Entropytome19 weeks 3 days ago
Cleansing Siege the level 50 Skeleton Shadowbladetome21 weeks 2 days ago
Knife Blood Nightmare the level 50 Lich Necromancertome21 weeks 3 days ago
Shadowed Reaper the level 50 Cornac Gunslingertome22 weeks 1 day ago
The Last Wound the level 50 Skeleton Arcane Bladetome22 weeks 2 days ago
Light the level 50 Cornac Anorithiltome23 weeks 17 hours ago
Emma the level 50 Cornac Roguetome25 weeks 3 days ago
Violence the level 50 Dwarf Doombringertome25 weeks 5 days ago