NameGameLast updated
Chagas the level 5 Orc Berserkertome13 weeks 1 day ago
Yrevi the level 2 Cornac Doombringertome13 weeks 1 day ago
Durysin the level 6 Skeleton Reavertome17 weeks 3 days ago
Sanar the level 36 Cornac Doombringertome35 weeks 10 hours ago
Errichadr the level 1 Cornac Bulwarktome36 weeks 3 days ago
Toeraga the level 5 Cornac Archmagetome36 weeks 3 days ago
Beirab the level 1 Skeleton Doombringertome36 weeks 3 days ago
Boronaridur the level 1 Skeleton Roguetome36 weeks 6 days ago
Inadel the level 11 Halfling Possessortome36 weeks 6 days ago
Jaels the level 13 Dwarf Bulwarktome37 weeks 1 day ago
Nahrey the level 28 Dwarf Doombringertome37 weeks 2 days ago
Ribum the level 6 Halfling Bulwarktome37 weeks 5 days ago
Zzzkin the level 8 Thalore Archertome37 weeks 5 days ago
Durbeto the level 8 Dwarf Possessortome37 weeks 6 days ago
Ylaal the level 13 Shalore Roguetome37 weeks 6 days ago
Irinrka the level 1 Dwarf Summonertome38 weeks 1 day ago
Ianat the level 15 Halfling Roguetome38 weeks 1 day ago
Sidahro the level 5 Thalore Doombringertome38 weeks 2 days ago
Askaana the level 7 Halfling Archertome38 weeks 2 days ago
Sacinisi the level 5 Shalore Possessortome38 weeks 3 days ago
Islamjed the level 1 Halfling Doombringertome38 weeks 3 days ago
Stan the level 13 Halfling Alchemisttome38 weeks 3 days ago
Taryo the level 3 Thalore Possessortome38 weeks 5 days ago