NameGameLast updated
Vaneeaw the level 22 Cornac Paradox Magetome6 days 23 hours ago
Camuran the level 9 Thalore Oozemancertome1 week 1 hour ago
Esedaen the level 22 Dwarf Annihilatortome1 week 2 hours ago
Onnia the level 1 Halfling Summonertome1 week 5 hours ago
Bencanr the level 23 Halfling Berserkertome5 weeks 9 hours ago
Riah the level 16 Krog Oozemancertome6 weeks 1 day ago
Veeelell the level 12 Yeek Psyshottome6 weeks 1 day ago
Onge the level 12 Ogre Alchemisttome6 weeks 1 day ago
Omrtpe the level 11 Ghoul Doomedtome6 weeks 1 day ago
Omrtpe the level 10 Ogre Roguetome6 weeks 1 day ago
Omrtpe the level 9 Higher Archmagetome6 weeks 1 day ago
Isilratira the level 9 Yeek Cultist of Entropytome6 weeks 1 day ago
Minority the level 19 Dwarf Demonologisttome6 weeks 1 day ago
Tolyan The Second the level 18 Drem Anorithiltome7 weeks 4 days ago
Tolyan The Ordinary the level 25 Dwarf Wyrmictome7 weeks 4 days ago
Tolyan the level 1 Drem Writhing Onetome7 weeks 5 days ago
Agosik the level 1 Yeek Summonertome7 weeks 5 days ago
Ulismi the level 1 Shalore Skirmishertome7 weeks 5 days ago
Asis the level 1 Halfling Solipsisttome7 weeks 5 days ago
Brodi the level 1 Drem Sun Paladintome14 weeks 4 days ago
Isienele the level 1 Ogre Alchemisttome14 weeks 4 days ago
Eliel the level 1 Ogre Doomedtome14 weeks 4 days ago
Koladan the level 1 Skeleton Annihilatortome14 weeks 4 days ago
Tulydil the level 18 Skeleton Gunslingertome15 weeks 23 hours ago
Vasonbro the level 17 Yeek Solipsisttome15 weeks 2 days ago