t-o-m-e.net DNS failure


For a few hours now the DNS for t-o-m-e.net does not resolve, making the old ToME2 site, the forum, the wiki and the mailing list unable to be reached.

I have contacted the DNS provider and awaiting an anwser, I will keep you posted.

If this does not resolve (or not fast enough at least) I will setup new subdomains on the te4.org domain for the existing services.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it pisses me off to ;)

In the meantime, go play beta8! :>

Pssh... play tome?!? I've

Pssh... play tome?!? I've way to busy writing up talent descriptions and cluttering up the forums with chronomancy posts to actually play. But since said forums are down... maybe I'll level a fighter or berserker up and see how the warcries look.