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Why they're all Reginald

Alrighty, I've been forgetting to do this post for ages. My first and only ascender back in Tome 2.0 or so was named Reginald, and nearly every character I've made in Tome since was a Reginald. If you search the vault for 'Reginald' , mine is the first, and I've got one on every page of search results. But the joke came from somewhere, and I'd be remiss in my duty if I didn't at least clue people in. See, back in Tome 2.0 (I think), it kept a record of how your characters died, "So-and-so died of starvation," or "Whatsisname was choked to death by Smeagol," etc., and I think it was about then that I'd found this video on a now defunct flash website with a joke about Reginald. So whenever I wondered, what happened to Reginald, I'd remember this:

That ascender was a possessor, if anyone was wondering. Super strong, even back in the day.

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