Marauders, they are fun! - Will/Should Aria pick up stealth later on?

Eventually I unlocked the marauder and played some.
To me the marauder is easier to play then the roque for his mobility in battle.
I just survived the orc ambush with my cornac marauder. It seems versatily offsets great equipment and health. I just had some blue leather armour and nice weaponry. Just hackin and slashing were sufficient to undo the ambush in rather drawn out fights. Obviously unstoppable was important.
I wonder whether to pick up the stealth prodigy later on. On Lvl 30 there were not enough Class Points to spend to make it worthwile.

Aria Marauder

Well, Aria died a quick and painfull death.
Her new spawn picked up the "Tricks of the Trade" prodigy. And lo! It didn't give her the stealth prodigy, only the scoundrel.
Is this a bug or feature?


``+0.2 mastery (or unlock) Cunning/Stealth, +0.1 mastery Cunning/Scoundrel
(or learn and unlock at 0.9).
Invisibility damage penalty is halved.´´

It only unlocks stealth if it's known(grey), whilst it reveals and unlocks the scoundrel.

Thank you Illuvatar

for the clarification.