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Chapter Fifteen

Arriving next is Kirsten, the High Tempest, which sees us travel to Angolwen to see a demonstration. Chapter Fifteen (Edit: ...I don't want to drown notifications. Future updates will be as a comment on the main page.)

Moments in Maj'Eyal

I started playing ToME in january, without internet access. I was save-scumming a lot, with perma-death not really appealing to me. I'm the type of person who invents characters and personalities for everyone. (I made an archer JUST to unlock oozemancers, and the archer was named after me...)

When I finally got my net back, I was pretty much burnt out of tome. But a couple of weeks ago it updated, and I went back to it. I bought the steam version, so I could use exploration mode to play semi-legit rather than putting a lot of effort into cheating.

And inspiration struck. I started writing short stories about various different characters of mine and their famous deeds. I shall be including the canonical plotline, but shall probably end up overshadowing it with my own end-of-the-multiverse scenario. I'm taking liberties with the classes exact abilities, messing with lore a little, but by and large your knowledge of the setting is correct. Biggest thing I've done is to make ziguranth a little less hardline.

I'm currently at chapter fourteen, plus a mini-chapter. It's been shown to my friends, and the three or so people who follow the tales of maj'eyal and tome4 tags on Tumblr. There's also a forum thread down here. I hope someone enjoys it as much as I'm enjoying writing it.

First Chapter: Azira, the Truthseeker (Thaloren Oozemancer)
Latest Chapter (Fourteen): Serena, Second Sunrise (Higher? Sun ?)

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