Moments in Maj'Eyal

I started playing ToME in january, without internet access. I was save-scumming a lot, with perma-death not really appealing to me. I'm the type of person who invents characters and personalities for everyone. (I made an archer JUST to unlock oozemancers, and the archer was named after me...)

When I finally got my net back, I was pretty much burnt out of tome. But a couple of weeks ago it updated, and I went back to it. I bought the steam version, so I could use exploration mode to play semi-legit rather than putting a lot of effort into cheating.

And inspiration struck. I started writing short stories about various different characters of mine and their famous deeds. I shall be including the canonical plotline, but shall probably end up overshadowing it with my own end-of-the-multiverse scenario. I'm taking liberties with the classes exact abilities, messing with lore a little, but by and large your knowledge of the setting is correct. Biggest thing I've done is to make ziguranth a little less hardline.

I'm currently at chapter fourteen, plus a mini-chapter. It's been shown to my friends, and the three or so people who follow the tales of maj'eyal and tome4 tags on Tumblr. There's also a forum thread down here. I hope someone enjoys it as much as I'm enjoying writing it.

First Chapter: Azira, the Truthseeker (Thaloren Oozemancer)
Latest Chapter (Fourteen): Serena, Second Sunrise (Higher? Sun ?)

Chapter Sixteen: Brasla, Crystalborn

Chapter sixteen features a half-elf arcane blade with a fondness for stone and crystal! (It was written yesterday, but just barely, and I was too tired to update the thread...)

Chapter Seventeen: Rebecca, Laconic Legend

Today's chapter (I haven't gone to bed so it counts as today) is about a retired arena fighter who wields a whip. She can't resist the urge to fight.

Chapter Eighteen: Fulla, the Open Hand

For today, we have Fulla, a dwarven brawler. Trivia: I made her because of the minor character in Terry Pratchett's Thud, who comments on his martial arts style that it is 'Just like using an axe, without the axe.'

Chapter Nineteen: Melinda, Lucky Girl

Anyone who has gotten past dreadfell knows exactly what's going to happen in most of this chapter. Still, meet my Melinda.

Chapter Twenty: Wren, Dark Dervish

This chapter tells you how much I like messing with adventurers...

Chapter Twenty-One: Rose, Cornered Fury

I should go to some non-adventurers soon!Still, this chapter is another one, and there are more ramifications than channel staff and corrupted strength this time. Meet Rose, one of the two living paradoxes.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Irescia, Scion of Dragons

While I love her, Tirla is not a good example of a wyrmic. Irescia, however, is. Meet her here.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Nika, Transcendant Alchemist

Nika, an alchemist who doesn't really like magic, is now available.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Lazara, Impossible Shield

Adventurers: The sequel 2: The ramifications return. The second paradox, and a small amount of explanation, with some bonus setting exposition for any readers who... probably aren't on this site! Anyway. Lazara!

Chapter Twenty-Five: Nora, Blood Magus

My weekend off to fix my sleep schedule became a long weekend off, and it didn't fix it. Oh well... meet Nora.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Perenna, Ziguranth Sentinel

whoops I forgot to post her here yesterday gomen. Perenna!

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Iona, Anger of the Lost

And today's chapter takes us back to Dreadfell!

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Melody, Careless Watcher

And our first chronomancer enters the story. Or rather, our first confirmed chronomancer.

Intermission II: Meet

Lots of plot occurs, and Melody starts doing things.

Intermission II: Break

Exposition, go! Bonus information: Eyal's Hope and Fear are tier five mindstars which give equal spell bonuses to their mental bonuses. Hope is arcane damage, Fear is blight, and they both have nature-on-hit. Hope provides you damage affinity (all) on-hit, stacking from 3% up to 15%, while Fear debuffs the enemies resistances by 3% on hit up to 15%. (I'm pulling these numbers from nowhere you realise.) They likely have normal mindstar set bonuses, but they also have 'Zigur is no longer hostile', and, if I could code it (which I can't) you'd be able to go to Zigur. If they needed something else shiny after all of that, they'd have manathrust/soul rot as 10% on-hits. Eyal's Trust is a nature aligned tier 5 staff which also boosts mindpower, grants +mastery to aegis and fungus, and has a chance of triggering Arcane Reconstruction or Nature's Touch on you on-hit with anything.

Chapters 31-34

Sooo I'm back. Speed will be way less.

New things since that post!

Empty Smiles sees Zigur going ‘well shit’ and Calliope heading out on her own mission.

Midnight Suns sees Serena shaking things up, including the highest power fight scene yet.

Cleansing Flames sees Gabrielle and Kilia going after Natasha, complete with a gratuitous mage duel.

And finally, today’s Graceful Death sees arena legend Rebecca meeting up with Leah, Iona, and the rest of their adventuring party between Last Hope and Reknor.

Also new, a chapter list!

If you haven't seen, I do a lot of addons. Some are connected to this story! Find them here!