My first character: a halfling rogue

I am starting as a rogue because I don't want to be killed by traps and also want to have the ability to swiftly dispatch enemies that pose a real threat. I am in Trollmire(?) forest running around in stealth and throwing daggers, feeling over powered.

I like the game a lot, so I donated and purchased all 3 DLC's. The contents only seem to apply for new characters, so I will make another rogue with more customized looks this time. I am only level 2 now, so it doesn't feel like a waste to start new to enjoy all the added contents.

Edit: I did not expect this blog post to show up on the main page. I thought it was going to be something like my personal journal which no one will read. For any visitors new to the game, I want to clarify that rogue class is not over powered. My first halfling rogue ended up dying in the same area while fighting a skeleton magus.

Good luck! New character is

Good luck! New character is totally not a waste, as they're dying swiftly and you'll be making a lot of them in a future. Hope you'll enjoy TOME to the last bit of it!


I love building characters. I look forward to the challenges ahead.


If a newbo
Get a stabbo <3


If a beginner, be a big gunner.

Most -- but not all -- classes

...have decent ways to win fights in the early game. It does take thought and effort to master these, and you clearly learned how to use the halfling rogue well, so congrats on that.

Later game is a bit more tricky. For rogues, for instance, stealth and invisibility grow harder to use effectively because so many higher-level enemies are really difficult to fool this way, so as you level, look for alternate strategies available to rogues so you have effective methods to continue winning fights when opponents (and their minions) will almost certainly see you coming. Good luck going forward.

Thank you for the heads up!

I guess Trollmire is super early game since it is the first area. It seems fair that later game enemies will be less vulnerable to stealth. I hope to succeed as a highly lethal assassin, picking when, where and how to fight to finish off monsters effectively. Eager to find out how this turns out!

How is the rogue coming

How is the rogue coming along? Or have you made a new character yet? I've been playing for many years. So, its fun to hear about someone finding their way early

An untimely end

My first halfling rogue "Bilbo Baggins" met his untimely end fighting a high level skeleton magus inside a strange tower in Trollmire. I think he got me in one or two shots. My hubris got the best of me. The arcane crystals earlier on were already more than I could handle in a fair fight without cheesing the stairs.

My second halfling rogue "Bilboman Begins" defeated the troll boss and got some sweet loot. It was a good fight. I haven't made up my mind whether to raise up my strength to get heavy armor for survivability or to rely on parrying and defense. I hear that as long your chest piece is not heavy, you can retain mobility skills, with heavy helmets, gloves etc.

Strange tower?

I believe what you found was called a Vault? I don't recommend going into those when you first find them, as they tend to contain enemies much higher-level than those normally found in the area in which they've spawned. However, they also tend to contain higher-tier loot, making them quite tempting to me. I have died more than a few times to hubris with those. If the game warns you about opening a door, there is nearly always something behind it which is either an optional boss or a Vault.


Most talents that require specific armor only check the chest slot.
This also applies to the two types of armor training, so dont put more than one point in heavy armor, as the only thing you will get from it is the unlock.

Thanks for the tip!

I do think I will have 1 point heavy armor on all my characters if I can.

Welcome to ToME!

I think you'll enjoy Halfling Rogue, as it has good race/class synergy. A similar, and fun combination that I have won the Arena Campaign with, quite easily, was Halfling Skirimisher. Having a Halfing running about one-shotting enemies from afar with a sling and pushing them away with a buckler was quite fun, and I am pleased with how that character turned out. in case you wanted to see her profile. First time I had won the game without benefiting from an Addon that dramatically improved my chances.