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Anyone want to tackle the telepathy autoeplore as an addon?

Hi All,

I've tried, but I suck too much. :)

Basically, I want auto-explore to stop when you notice something using telepathy, not just LOS.

Currently the same code (spotHostiles) is used for resting, and because during resting we only check LOS, but for autoexplore to stop we would like to stop on any means of detection (optional?).

For instance if you play a character who auto-uses track for example... Would be great if the autoexplore could stop if it sees something... but it doesn't.

Some of you coders, tackle this. I tried, but I just found where to edit... dunno how to "see" what is "detected".

Updates to Con based stamina addon and No Unlocked Categories Addons

I realised earlier that my old addons didn't work when downloaded from here, as I was playing them from the extracted ones and not the "compiled" ones.

Anyway I updated the addons for b43. So you can use them if you want.

Both are intended to make the game significantly easier. (The one only for Stamina based classes).

TE4 google maps link

Add yourself to the google map of TE4 contributors/players and developers!

You will need to be logged into your (if you have) google account to see the "edit" button.

Screenshots section of

This should probably be on the forums but it's now blocked at work. I think the spam auto-added it to the blocked sites :-(

Anyway, so this is really a concern and idea in one:

  • Update the screenshots to that of the latest version of the game (cause the current lot is really old), and separate game versions, so one could see graphical progression, or at least a break
  • Create a functionality to upload screendumps via the game.
    • It could be done as text and can be re-rendered on the website with "cached" images after those were loaded. Particle information might be sent too, and it could all be re-rendered on the web?
    • Or just make it .jpg :-)
  • Create a web functionality to upload screenshots for "trusted" users.
  • Screenshots should include game version and module being played.
  • Screenshots of Bugs should be marked as screenshots of bugs. So as not to display them as "advertisement" for the game.
    • Bug screenshots could have the functionality to circle/arrow the area that indicates the bug.

B19 whet your appetite!

For those of you who do not hang around in the IRC room (Server: , Chatroom: #tome), there are some screenshots for you from Beta 19.

Beta 19 will feature a 64x64 mode play, so because of this it may be a while before B19 is released, for there is a lot of graphics, and that all needs to be generated.

Also consider these screenshots are saved in the TMP folder here on, so they may dissappear any time, some others are saved on slashware, so even less of a clue when they'll be gone.








Where do we report bugs?

Roguetypes - heavy armor or not?

I am playing a shadowblade, and enjoying it a lot, but I am wondering if you guys get heavy armor or not. Is there good/great armor in the light categories out there?

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